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Sunday, September 27, 2009

a little refill

We lunched at Chipotle. Since it was a beautiful afternoon ... we dined outside. We were seated at a table near our van ... and Little Buddy was in there.

"Do you want another pop?" I asked Jeff.
"What kind?" I questioned.
"Mello Yello."
"Are you sure?"
"Get your own." I replied ... quite kindly :)
We both burst out laughing. What a wife!

(I think I said this because I started thinking about checking on Little Buddy ... instead of going for pop right then. Anyway, Jeff didn't know what I was thinking ... even after twelve years of marriage!)

"Maybe ... I should start a blog," Jeff replied, "and write down all of the funny things you say!"

(Then ... I changed my mind again ... can you believe that??? I didn't want to be a bad wife. And so ... I refilled his Mello Yello after all.)

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MUM said...

You guys are nuts!!!