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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a little antique

"Look at this antique lego!" called Buddy.
"It's all scratched up and bent."

So ... kids think antiques are things that are bent
and scratched up???

a little lesson

Little Dude had his first tennis lesson tonight ... unfortunately, he slept through most of it :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

a little questioning

"Was I the father when you and Daddy were little?" asked Foofie.
"Of course not," I laughed.
"Was I the mother?" she continued.
"Well ... who was your owner?" she asked.
"What do you mean? Do you have an owner?" I questioned.
"Yes ... you are my owner."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a little faster

Foofie finally got her training wheels off last night. She had been asking for their removal after being on training wheels for maybe a week ... I think that's why she quickly went back to scootering (and trying to rip-stick on her scooter). She likes adventure! Anyway, we made her wait until she was four and just now got around to it.

Note: A few days later she was already trying to do stunts like her older siblings ... What am I going to do with her???

Sunday, July 12, 2009

a little quoting

Recent quotes from the kiddos ...
you can probably guess who said what :)

"I know that Mommy is your name ... but Dana is your middle name."

to Baby, while rubbing his back ... "You have just the sweeeeetest back I ever saw."

"Did Daddy used to be a sheriff?"

"Do some people smoke cigarettes so they won't have to go to the bathroom?"
(I don't get this one either.)

after passing a poster for a lost cat ... "Maybe I could find missing animals for a living."

"I like your feet." "Why?" I asked. "Because they're cute!"

"I am not afraid of the light, but I am afraid of the dark because things might kill me. A bear might come and eat me up. And I would not like that. And you would not be happy about that either. You would miss me."

after finding a baby bunny at a family picnic at Great~Grandma's ... "That bunny would make a good police dog!"

"If I wasn't in a grade ... like at church or school ... a stranger might think I'm a small adult because I'm so tall."

referring to Little Cutie ... "His nipples are almost in his armpits!"

ANSWERS: F, F, B, B, H, F, F, B, H, H

Thursday, July 9, 2009

a little brother (& a BIG one)

a little haircut

Yesterday, I went to one of those speedy haircut shops. I usually visit these cheaper salons or occasionally just cut my own hair ... I figure I might have to spend big bucks if I want color when I get gray ... so I'm saving while I can :) Anyway, you never know what you're gonna get with these walk-in places ... perhaps an angry young man (that was a few months ago) ... perhaps smelly (he reeked of cigarettes) DUC DUY VU (that was yesterday).

So ... when I arrived at the shop, it was void of customers ... it's just me! Duc Duy Vu greeted me and led me to a chair ... and I immediately realized that we were going to have a bit of trouble communicating with each other. Unfortunately, there wasn't an interpreter nearby. The only other person in sight was a gal in the back room ... also Asian like Duc Duy Vu. (It's possible of course that she has lived here all her life and has excellent english ... but I didn't get to find out.) "So ... how long have you been in Minnesota?" I asked. "Ohhh ... ten years ... or ... two months?????" He questionably responded with a thick accent. Ummm .... which
is it???

As he began combing my hair, I explained that a few nights ago around 1 a.m. I had started snipping at my hair (this is about the usual time when I decide I need a trim) ... and I decided to have someone else finish it since the back is difficult and takes soooo long. I told him to cut it a bit shorter than what I had started with.

"You cut your hair?" He asked in a tone suggesting I'm some kind of nut. "Yes. But I didn't finish," I explained. "You want ... long in back?" He asked. "No, it's long in the back because I didn't finish cutting it," I repeated. When he was done combing my hair, he showed the back to me in a mirror. "How's this?" He asked. He had done no cutting yet! How's what???

"You want long in back?" He asked again. "No. I want you to cut my hair all the way around ... all of my hair ... about this long. Then, add some long layers ... an inch or so from the bottom." I told him. "Don' worry," He reassured me with that thick accent of his ... yet he was looking at my hair like he didn't quite know what to do with it ...

Suddenly, he went at my hair in a flurry with scissors nearly flying. He didn't even section it off ... like every other person has who I've ever paid to cut my hair. It's only hair ... I'm telling myself. A few minutes later I was already driving home ... and I only had to fix a few spots that evening. Could've been worse.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

a little celebration ~ Independence Day & Foofie's Fourth Birthday

Little Buddy snoozing in the vintage Erickson infant seat ... also doubled as a car seat back in the day :)Fun times with the cousins ...
Happy Birthday, SWEETIE!!! (We love your grin!)
The babiEs :)