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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a little quotable ~ September

Here's the latest batch of quotes ...

Foofie is more than 100% ... "I'm one hundred point one sure!" ... 100.1

SEPT. 10
Driving around. Running errands.
"Can we go get me a burger?" Foofie asked ... "I haven't had a burger yet today."
Perhaps she has already had too many burgers in her short life!

SEPT. 12
"Do you think I could sell the police badges that I make?" asked Buddy.
"No," Halo responded quickly.
"Laminated?" (usually means packing tape)
He tried again ... "Laminated ... with a pin?" (a safety pin taped on back)
We all laughed.

SEPT. 29
Foofie greeting Baby in the morning ... "Hello, my big huge humongous little friend!"

SEPT. 30
Chatting (and somewhat joking) with the pediatrician ...
"Well ... I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist."
Okay ... maybe not the best thing to say ... considering the nurses and doctors at our clinic ask all sorts of personal questions (which are none of their business) and then record copious notes about us on our "charts".


Nikki said...

I worked in a clinic you know.....beware everything is documented;( Nah just kidding they only document on people who homeschool their kids, drive minivans and go to panera a lot! Whoops i've said too much;)

Dana said...

hahaha :)

Suzanne said...

I hate all those questions too!