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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a little resurrection day

Happy Resurrection Day! It was a sunny spring day ...
just perfect for frolicking with cousins ...
and taking pictures of squirmy kids :)
Later, we enjoyed a scrumptious lupper at the L.E. Inn with my mother & father-in-law. Little Dude only ate fruit. He laughed with delight every time I added more honeydew to his plate :)
The "bandana" is a napkin functioning as his bib -- not a fashion thing :)
The small glass goblet was a hit with Little Dude!
These two hemmed and hawed over the dessert possibilities for a good fifteen minutes ...
while this one sampled a few things and decided that a plate of candy beat all of the fancy concoctions!And the entertainment??? A playpen of bunnies!

Friday, April 22, 2011

a little St. John

I just want to take a few sentences to RAVE about an author I've recently discovered. Some of you have already heard this from me -- but this is for the rest of you so that no one misses out :)

Lots of books are good ... and lots of books are entertaining ... but only a few books seem to stick with us for very long. Know what I mean??? On Wednesday night, I was at the church library talking with a few ladies ... and raving about Star of Light, Treasures of the Snow, and The Runaway ... and a gal who was nearby said she loved Treasures of the Snow too. Her third grade teacher had read it to her class. She fondly recalled this about twenty-five years later. See what I'm saying???

Oh, I still haven't said who the author is :) Her name is Patricia St. John. She was a missionary -- and an author too, of course -- and she died in 1992. Some of her books have since been revised -- and I don't know if they are as good as the originals. The three books I read were all older copies. The plot and character development is excellent ... my mother started one of the books and she didn't even realize it was a book for children. {I think the age on the back says 10-12} Read them by yourself ... or out loud to your kids ... or both :) I won't tell you what makes them so wonderful ... you'll have to read them yourself to find out ;)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

a little field trip

We were blessed with another winter (spring???) up-north getaway. The main goal was supposed to be a field trip to see some maple sap-tapping in action ... but we managed to cram in some fun and rest as well :)

Perhaps Skip-Bo is more fun in a bathrobe???This kiddo wants to play Clue too ... Little Honey is so happy ... I love my brother :) Some homemade bread that was promptly devoured ...
Little Blondie loves playing with this mini cast-iron stove ... and pots and pans ... Apparently the kids are ready for summer ... or at the very least ... spring! Halo made batch of sun-tea ...The kids wanted to eat supper out on the porch ... it's enclosed, but not heated. Halo had to try out this shade chair ... Foof is geared up with a life jacket and pool noodle ... don't ask me why ... actually, I think all of the kids -- even Baby -- donned life jackets for a bit. And pinwheels ... those are a fair weather thing too, yes??? As for the sugaring ... sap-tapping ... whatever you call it ... We learned that in order for the sap to run ... it has to freeze at night and then be above freezing the following day. The freezing causes the sap to travel down into the roots ... and then the warmer temps allow the sap to flow back into the tree ... and be tapped out into a bag. When it finally stops freezing at night ... the sap ~ which is like the blood of the tree ~ moves to the branches and enables the buds to form. They can collect sap for two to three weeks.
A few of their trees ... they tapped 300 this year ... How much sap is needed to make syrup depends on the sugar content of the given sap ... Sap tasting ... tastes like lightly sweetened water ... The Owner ... has been helping make maple syrup since he was two ... since he could carry a pail. He's writing down all of our names so he won't forget them ... Syrup is being made in here ... the Mrs. Owner said this evaporator machine ~ it's much bigger than what you see here ~ costs as much as a new car ... not sure what kind of car though ;)