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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a little prize

You may recall my mention of Gianna's blog here http://lotsoflittles.blogspot.com/2012/03/little-guest-blogging.html where I shared the tale of my rant in the Lego store at Downtown Disney :) Anyway, through her blog, I WON a photo shoot from her cousin at Sarah LuAnne Photography :) Thanks Gianna and Sarah :)

Our blessings :)  I'll be glad when it's time for Halo to get some new glasses ... she has those "transitions" which always look like sunglasses when she is outside ...
The sisters ... she took some of the brothers too {as well as individual shots of the kids} but they weren't on the disk ... so I'm guessing they weren't great???  Afternote: I found out her computer crashed and she only had a portion of the pictures saved at that point ...
It was a beautiful day ...

I'm hoping I can get this one in color ... I think it's my favorite of the whole gang ... this is the "pretend it's our Christmas card" picture :)

And we had pictures taken in front of these gorgeous bushes ... I thought it would make a great background ... unfortunately, the rest of the family had their eyes closed or they were looking away or just looking goofy.  Getting six people to look nice at the same moment can be tricky :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

a little softball

This album is from our last night of softball ...

Daddy and Foofie :)
A swing and ...
A HIT!!!
Pretty in pink!!! {Foofie lost these two teeth on July 4 and 5.}
He's ready ...
Nice one!
Great catch, Halo!
She's loving this!
Good swing!
Ezzie with Grandma and Grandpa ...

Our cheering section :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a little album: cabin 2012 part II

Hello all you readers:) Its Halo again!! For those of you who don't know who I am, I am Dana's oldest daughter, and the publisher of another blog: The Theory Of Evolution.
I am here to present to you cabin 2012 part II -- this is because I was the only one with a camera, lucky me :) These pix are with my new camera...so here goes :)

Buddy on the ride trying out a new hat style :)

The berry washer accompanied by the berry sneaker :)

The berry cute Ezzie :)

The lake before breakfast...

The breakfast party at The Birchwood Cafe :)
My Mom & Ezzie ... He's not lookin' at me, but at the pancakes. Who knew a stack of pancakes was more interesting than me ... sniff, sniff ;)

These next pix are of a cute little clothes/toys/snack food/etc. store in town :)

Do you see all the glass fish tank/cage thingys to the left of the picture? Those are tiny African frogs of some sort ...

Can you guess how much these two little frogs were? Drum-roll please :) dun-dun-dun-dun...$29.99!!! Though they were cute they were a LITTLE too expensive :)

Here is Foof lounging in one of their fluffy lawn chair type chairs [did I tell ya? they sell furniture too.]

A little nest beside the dirt road that leads to our cabin ...

Buddy and I had a rather interesting adventure in the freezing lake with Grandpa trying to fix the boat lift. It was hilarious!!! By the time we were done we all had chattering teeth :)

A fun tubing adventure :)

This one is of me, Buddy, and Ezzie! Ezzie loved tubing!!! He was super excited that he was a "big boy"*! *Please note that "big boy" was Ezzie's wording ... not mine :)

I made "cowboy cookies" ...
Buddy fired a few shots {I did too but I had the camera so no one got a picture of me ;( }
We had a super fun time!