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Thursday, September 3, 2009

a little ending

Today was Mrs. Steven's last day as our mail lady. She had told us they were reorganizing and reassigning routes and she didn't have enough seniority for our route ... for whatever reason, it is a coveted route. We weren't around to greet her this last time. Here is what she left behind for the kids ...So ... yesterday turned out to be their last race against Mrs. Stevens ... and I was able to get it on video ... unfortunately, one of the runners went down ... watch carefully ;)


gianna said...

that is BEYOND hysterical!!!!!

MUM said...

That video was sooooo cute! What delightful and enchanting children you have there. I hope that the mailperson who replaces the mail-lady is just as nice as she is! How sweet of her to leave a treat for each one!(Too bad little Foofie had to fall:(

LBB said...

The video is so hilarious!