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Saturday, October 29, 2011

a little savings


Here's a new little online thing I just recently learned about. If you are going to buy something online ... first check the "shop at home" site and see if they have a "coupon" for that store. Most of the coupons are 3% "cash back". If they have a coupon for your desired store, all you need to do is click on it ... and it will direct you right to that online store. By going to the store THROUGH THE SHOP AT HOME site ... it will generate a trackback number. Then, if you purchase something (and do not return it) ... the store will credit shop at home -- and shop at home will credit your "account" with the 3%. Every time you have earned at least $20 ... they will send you a check! How's that for easy savings???

I was just checking to see what stores they have connections with -- and it turns out that they have "coupons" for most everything I already do online. They have coupons for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Gap, Target, and Walmart. {I noticed Wal-mart only offers 2%.} L.L. Bean and Sierra Trading Post -- pretty much any store you can think of. Today they have a K-Mart hot deal offering a 10% cash back coupon ... and 6% at Home Depot. I cannot understand HOW K-Mart stays in business though ... whenever we drive by it {on the way to Sam's Club} their parking lot is always empty! Some of their offers have free shipping coupons ... Toys 'R' Us and many others.

So ... if you're interested ... please find SHOPatHOME through my special link below and BOTH of us -- YOU and I -- will get a $5 credit if you set up an account and make a purchase through SHOPatHOME within 60 days. Happy savings :)


Friday, October 28, 2011

a little fair

A couple of months ago ... we went to THE FAIR ... the state fair. We aren't regulars. It's fine if we go and it's fine if we don't. Personally, I would rather spend the money at a waterpark or out to eat at a favorite place -- in fact, you could probably do both considering how expensive the fair is. But since we did do the fair this year ... we opted to enjoy ourselves and be happy about it :)

The highlight for Little Bumper might have been the bus ride to and from the fair ...
"Look-eee dat, My-Mommy!"
After a bunch of fried stuff -- which didn't photograph well -- we headed off to the barns.

Hi Foofie :)
Its' fleece was white as snow ...
Riding on Daddy's shoulders is one of the benefits of being two :)
Isn't this a fun looking pig???
That pig has the right idea. Time for a little zzzzz ...
Okay, I'm back in action!
Of course we had ice cream! About every third blog post seems to have pictures of my kids with ice cream! Perhaps we eat too much ice cream???
This is his ice cream face ...
There wasn't much need for the umbrella ... but Buddy found opportunity to use it anyway. Did you know this kid is overly fond of umbrellas???
And then we checked out the horses -- and this young lady is overly fond of horses :)
One of the horses quickly started towards the kiddos ... and their heads are pretty large you know. Buddy was genuinely scared -- at least that's what it looks like. And Little Dude??? He appears to be more excited than afraid.
And we got some pig crowns. Oh, the things people will wear at the fair :)
Halo took a picture to document that I was indeed along :)
Little Fellow is excited to get back on the bus! Daddy is too :)
Oh, summertime ... we miss you already!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a little blogger

Like mother -- like daughter. Halo started a blog :) Her plan is for it to be creation/evolution type of stuff ... because "that's my thing right now," she said.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

a little yoga

Yoga. It's growing. It is nearly a "mainstream" activity -- perhaps it already is. I'm pretty certain I never heard the word "yoga" in the eighties or nineties -- although it was in the United States back then. Now, however, it's everywhere -- many cities have one or more yoga studios ... most brands offer a "yoga pant" ... and there are even books for kids about yoga! Oh, and I noticed that the online government school provides yoga instruction for elementary students.

In spite of this spreading of yoga ... there still are many who don't really know much about it and where it came from ... and so they are rather indifferent about it. If yoga keep gaining momentum -- as it likely will -- a friend might invite you to a yoga class in the not too distant future. And ... if you are uneducated about yoga ... or undecided about the whole yoga business ... you might find yourself joining the yoga movement as well.

I've been researching yoga a bit for the past few months ... prompted partially by encounters with Christians who are pro-yoga. How is yoga different from stretching??? Is their really some benefit from yoga that cannot be gotten elsewhere??? And most importantly, what does the Bible indicate we should believe about yoga??? It seems like there is so much one could say about yoga and its roots ... on the other hand, it seems very uncomplicated and requiring only a simple explanation.

Yoga only surfaced in the West early in the twentieth century ... but it didn't really take off until the 1960s. Its increasing popularity in the sixties was largely attributed to some Indian yogis moving here to expand this movement and also to The Beatles music group. "Yoga" isn't mentioned in the Bible. Yoga, however, is part and parcel of Hinduism ... which would be a false religion -- to Bible-believing Christians anyway. "There is no yoga without Hinduism -- and no Hinduism without yoga," said Caryl Matrisciana, author and filmmaker who grew up in India.

And what does Scripture have to say about false religions? The first commandment is that we worship the one true God -- we shall have no other gods. There is story after story in the Bible warning about false gods or telling what demise fell upon those who worshiped false gods and participated in false religion. The Israelites were forbidden from marrying pagans because of their false gods. Doing a little bit of Baal worship here or there -- alongside worship of Yahweh -- simply wasn't allowed for God's chosen people.

What if some Israelites decided they didn't want to tear down the Asherah poles??? What if they discovered that it was good exercise to dance around them??? Perhaps they could even sing praise songs while dancing around the Asherah??? Would it have been okay then??? Of course not. We cannot borrow something from a pagan religion and try to claim it for God. We are to "examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil."
1 Thessalonians 5: 21-22

Meditation, mantras, and emptying one's mind are also usually a part of yoga -- and these can open one up to demonic influences. How is it that this brings one to the demonic realm??? How exactly does this work??? I don't know -- but neither does anyone know how prayer works. What we can know is Ephesians 6:12 tells us that "we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."

As I mentioned, there is lots more that could be said ... and these two sisters already said some of it ... and did a better job than I would anyway :) So ... I urge you to click over to their blog and read about how the yoga positions are prayer postures to hindu gods and are done in a certain order to open one up to an awakening ... and ultimately to union with Brahman. Also, they make an insightful comparison of yoga to Aaron and the idol from Exodus 32. Please read ... and "examine everything carefully" :)


Thursday, October 13, 2011

a little stewart

I am not too familiar with this Jon Stewart fellow -- and Jeff tells me he is liberal -- so I probably wouldn't endorse most of his stuff. Nonetheless, this short four-minute video does a good job of showing how the media can be biased and sometimes will use their position to achieve their own ends -- in this case trying to shape political outcomes.

Please NOTE: There is a bleep in the last few seconds of this video. I don't know what is being bleeped
:) But all you can hear is a bleep ... so I hope you will not find this offensive. Just stop it at about 3:50 if you like bleep-less videos ...


Friday, October 7, 2011

a little whatever

Hello :) It's been awhile again ... my apologies if you've been checking the blog only to see the sweaty mommies photo over and over. Here's a few random pix from the past buncha weeks ...

So happy together :)

So conked out together ...

And this is all I got for "first day of school" ... the oldest two had already connected with friends before I dug out the camera ...

This little guy thinks he'd like to go to school ... "Can I go to 'cool' too, my Mommy??? Can I go to 'cool'???" This is what he's been asking on Tuesday mornings when we drop the big three off at co-op. He started calling me 'my Mommy' a few weeks ago :)

We lost our kiddie pool in one of the recent windstorms ... as well as a croc and a couple of plastic bins I was going to hose out ... and who knows what else! Guess we need to pick up our yard a little better :) Anyway ... Halo put up a "missing" poster for the pool on the bank of mailboxes ... haha :)