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Sunday, September 27, 2009

a little baptism

Late this afternoon ... I was cleaning out all of the debris that had accumulated in our van this past week ... mail, papers from school, stuff from church, miscellaneous laundry (baby blankets, socks, sweat jackets, onesies, towels), Panera cups, hair binders, sermon notes, library books, Target bags, lip glosses, police paraphernalia, gum wrappers ... you name it! Does anyone else experience this???

Anyway, Buddy came into the garage in his swimsuit and announced that we were going to the lake. He wanted to get baptised. Jeff followed behind shortly with towels ... also in swim shorts. It began sprinkling out as we were all getting buckled into the van. We started driving and I noticed the outside temp was 57 degrees :)

When we arrived at the lake ... it was extremely windy and starting to change from sprinkles to raindrops. Buddy commented that it was "wretched weather". We took out our new $4 jumbo umbrella (purchased last night at Ikea) and headed down to the water. When we reached the water ... which was quite a ways out as the lake is really low this year ... it was really raining! Halo, Foofie, Baby, and I all huddled under the big blue and yellow umbrella. My, was I ever thankful for that umbrella!!!
Buddy got baptised!!! Way to go, Son :)
Keep in mind that the camerawoman was holding a large umbrella and a large baby ... and it was raining and really really windy ...

(I didn't quite catch it all on video ...)

The guys dried off real quick and we dashed back to the van for cover. Actually, Daddy (carrying Foofie) and Buddy dashed ... Halo and I slogged. We couldn't see because the umbrella was nearly straight out in front of us blocking the wind. Our hands were full ... making any dashing impossible. My toes were numb ... I was in flip flops. Halo was in her fancy boots. And then ... my wonderful new umbrella broke ... and bonked Little Buddy on the head! He didn't like that. I didn't either ... now I'm not so keen on the umbrella after all.


LBB said...

Wow! Way to go Buddy!!! You guys are so cute. I love that first picture with everyone heading to the lake. I think these photos are all so sweet, despite your attempt to hold your umbrella and big baby! :)

Nikki said...


Suzanne said...

Wonderful! Blessings to Buddy and to all of you. And my car is exactly the same...minus the police paraphernalia...??

Dana said...

NOTE ~ We went back to Ikea on Tuesday night because we had the wrong table ... and they gladly replaced the umbrella for us since it malfunctioned on its maiden voyage. Thumbs up, Ikea :)