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Saturday, November 21, 2009

a little half

Oh boy! Little Buddy is already six months old ... it seems like three months ago at most. I forgot to photograph him today ... so I ran upstairs and snapped one of him in dreamland.

Friday, November 20, 2009

a little decorating

One of Foofie's favorite things to do is to tape little stuff all over the place ... or (as pictured here) ... stick post-it notes around. Some days it just feels like more CLUTTER ... but she is good about not putting tape on furniture ... so I try to enjoy her creativity. Also, she doesn't seem bothered by my continually taking it all down. It gives her reason to make more, I guess :) Sometimes she makes words or numbers ... other times pictures. Here is a SMALL sample ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a little towel

Many Wednesday nights we dine at Panera and then make a mad dash to church. Last Wednesday was no exception. I was washing my hands in the bathroom there ... and when I was finished pumping my paper towel, I pumped out another section for a lady who was still at the sink. "Thanks," she said. "You don't want to touch anything these days, ya know?"

I returned to the table and relayed this exchange to my waiting family.
"Were there public restrooms when you were a kid?" Halo asked.

P.S. Sorry to break this to you ... but the buttons on the hand dryers (or the levers on the towel dispensers) in public bathrooms are really not clean ... not at all. I used to think they were okay until I noticed lots of gals turn them on with their elbows. Once, I even saw a tween use her foot (which would be her shoe) to start the dryer. This was after she had asked her mother to turn it on and the mother refused ... because ... she was afraid to?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a little Applebee's

FREE advertisement for Applebee's! We dined there tonight with Grandpa and Grandma. We didn't know beforehand ... but Tuesday night is KIDS NIGHT :) Kids meals ... including a beverage ... are just 99 cents! Plus ... there's free CHIPS & SALSA, FACE PAINTING and TREASURES (also called "trinket trash" by Daddy)!

Having fun!!!

She could've been a hippie ...

Check out these cheeks!!! Baby's that is ;)

Digging for jewels ...

Some young fellow sporting an orange vest found a handful of POLICE badges in the treasure box ... I wonder who that could be!

Monday, November 16, 2009

a little dating

On Wednesday evenings, I help with an AWANA program at our church called Truth and Training. It is for children in grades three through six. A couple weeks ago, I was talking with a young boy ...

"How's school?" I asked.
"Stupid," he blurted out.
"Why is it stupid?" I questioned.
"Because kids date," he answered.
"Yeah," I agreed ... "That is pretty stupid."

He is only two years older than my Halo ... I thought sadly. He is in sixth grade and happens to go to a government school ... but the same could happen at private schools or in church groups. Dating also seems unwise for high school kids ... unless, I suppose, you were in the upper grades and ready to get married at eighteen or nineteen. Dating that doesn't lead to marriage generally produces some type of "baggage". What good could possibly come from dating if marriage isn't in the near future??? I can't think of anything ... can you???

This leads me to another thought ... why do some parents tell their small preschool-age children that they have a boyfriend or girlfriend??? I guess I don't know why ... but it seems that a little girl who gets used to the idea that she has a boyfriend ... will be more comfortable having real boyfriends at a young age (and vice-versa).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

a little greeting

Foofie's morning greeting to Baby ... quite a joyful start to the day :)
"Hi, Baby!!! Yes, you like me! You like me! You like YOU! You like MAMA! You like MAMA'S LEG! YOU LIKE EVERYTHING!!!"

a little hallujah

This afternoon, Foofie and Little Dude and I were heading to Grandma & Grandpa's house for lunch (or dinner ... since it is Sunday). It is a route we travel often because it is also the way to church and many shopping destinations. Foofie was practicing her rights and lefts. "Dairy Queen is on the right!" She called up to me. "And that church is on the left!" She continued. When she pointed out this particular church ... it reminded me of something that I hadn't remembered in a quite a while ... a time when Foofie would exclaim and point at this certain church building each and every time we passed by.

When Foofie was about 15 months until about age 2 1/2 ... every time she saw a cross ~ which was usually spotted on a church ~ she would shout out, "Hallujah!" (Hall-oo-yah) She always called out several hallujahs for each cross she spotted! I also remember when we drove to the Outer Banks, we passed a huge hill that had three large crosses erected on it and Foofie got really excited about that. "Hallujah! Hallujah! Hallujah!" We don't know how she came to link crosses with shouting hallujah ... but it was soooo darling. Now though, it's just a fun memory. I didn't want to forget it forever ... so I thought I'd share it here :)

Foofie is growing older ... as we all are ... and she's finished with the hallujahs ... but she still says "lello" for yellow. I can't bring myself to correct her because she says lello so cutely! I might be a bit sad when she starts saying yellow ...

Friday, November 13, 2009

a little review

I read my first ~ and probably last ~ Magic Tree House book today ... Dingoes at Dinnertime by Mary Pope Osborne. My kids had received a couple of these books and kept asking me if they could read them. Although they appear perfectly harmless ... my gut told me they were objectionable ... so I have been telling them "not yet" for the past several months. "Mommy needs to read one first!" Today was finally the day.

These books are geared for early elementary age readers. The main characters are 7 and 8 years old. They are a brother and sister named ... Jack and Annie. This hugely popular series is DANGEROUS! What is cleverly woven into its interesting storyline? Witchcraft. It is subtle ... but it is definitely there! The witch in book #20 is a librarian ... she cast a spell and turned a dog (back) into a boy! Jack and Annie helped break the spell by collecting four items. She tells her young helper (the boy who was a dog) who is "training to work in her library" and who "has a rare gift for magic" ... that she hopes "next time you'll (he'll) ask before trying the spells in my spell book". The four lessons the boy needed to learn (not Jack, but the one who was a dog for a time) were:

1. Time is very precious. It must be used wisely.

2. You should not be afraid to stand up for yourself. A small creature can be one of the bravest.

3. Nature should be respected. Nature holds many wonders.

4. Study of other times and places is important. There is magic and wisdom in the traditions of ancient peoples.

Now, there is some truth in the above list ... and I don't have time to get into all of it just now. For the moment, let me just stress that nature is overly important to Wiccans and they believe there is power in nature. Number four is eyebrow raising as well. Number two seems okay to our selfish minds ... but it doesn't really line up with Scripture. Number one is the only item that really agrees with the Bible. But remember ... something that is mostly good with just a little bad thrown in ... is bad! Brownies that are 99% brownie and only 1% dog poop ... are bad!

Also included in the book is this hooey ...

"At one time, all the continents on earth were part of one huge land mass. Australia became separated from this mass about 200 million years ago. Because it is a separate continent, its animals have evolved differently from those on other continents." AND "Kangaroos have been in Australia for 25 million years." Come on ... no one really knows this!

I also found it noteworthy that the witch is named Morgan le Fay ... while Anton le Vey is the High Priest and Founder of the Church of Satan. Hmmm ... interesting choice of a name!

Witchcraft is big and getting bigger ... and even getting to be cool! There are many books for kids that teach how to be a witch ... often with pictures of attractive people on the cover. Let's not forget that Satan is currently having his reign here ... that he is prowling around looking for someone to DEVOUR! Pray that it won't be our children! Let's wake up!!!

As always ... it doesn't really matter what I think. What does YHWH say about witchcraft???

"You shall not ... practice divination." Leviticus 19:26
"I will set my face against the person who turns to mediums and spiritists ..." Leviticus 20:6
"Let no one be found among you ... who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist, or who consults the dead" Deuteronomy 18:10

So ... do you think God finds it acceptable if I just want to read about the things HE DETESTS for entertainment??? It's not as though I'm going to start casting spells or try to be a witch ... I'm just reading a story. Right? Isn't that okay?

Why, however, would I want to fill my mind with this stuff???

Harry Potter might be next :)

a little bubblehead

I got another winning haircut! It's nearly the worst one I've ever had ... at Aveda no less ... would you believe it??? I look like someone else ... I'm not sure who ... but I don't look like myself. I think chopping off 2 or 3 more inches might solve the oddness of it ... but it would be much shorter than I want. I had told the twenty-something very hep (or "hip" if you prefer) stylist that I needed to be able to wear it tied back for those mornings when I get peed on or some other unforeseen issue arises. I told her I'm not cool ... I'm a mother ... so I don't want anything too dramatic.

After telling her what I was hoping for ... she said, "Okay. Yes ... it will be a real classic look." What is that anyway? Then, when she was finished snipping and was well into the styling of my hair, she commented ... "We don't want you looking like a bubblehead." Or a lamp or a mushroom ... I thought. Not too classic!!! So ... she tweaked it a tiny bit more with the scissors ... but not much!

Anyway, I'm disliking it more and MoRe and MORE as the day goes on ... and just wanted to "vent"! So ... I'm venting! (By the way ... I don't really like the words vent and venting.) Just so you know ... I probably will not show you what it really looks like if you ask :) Also, I'm going to try to scrape it back into an itty bitty bun for the next four months or else wear a bandana! Scrape ... because it BARELY works now ... lots of hunks (or honks as I've also called them) insist on falling out. My ever-witty husband said I was onto something ... that Honks Hair might be a good name for a beauty salon (a barber shop is more like it). And yes ... my kids all think its weird! But it's only hair ... such a minor, trivial thing ... and thankfully, it grows! Toodle-loo :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a little catch-up

Here's nearly all the photos I snapped during October ...
Not many ... as I noted in another post ...

Here's Little Buddy posing at the "Harvest Fest" ... I think he's going to keep his blue eyes!

Foofie went as Snow White (three years running now) ... here she is at the end of the event ... tired and hungry for supper ... and being a bit of what we call a "crabby crank".

Buddy was a policeman :)

And Halo was a fairy!

One of my new favorite snacks ... pistachios!!! Why hasn't anyone ever RAVED about them to me??? I've been missing out for far too long! They are soooo good ... definitely rave-worthy!

I also discovered a few pictures worth sharing on Halo's camera

Our neighbor let Buddy try out his vest and baton one day ...

A cute shot of Baby smiling :)

I was sorting through stuff in our insane basement ... an ongoing activity ... and came across some of my husband's things. I tossed a few shirts and an old pair of overalls at him. He was quite excited about one shirt in particular that he hadn't seen for years.

"This is my favorite shirt that I never wear!" He exclaimed. (He thought he had lost it a few years ago when he went to Vegas for some training.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

a little Indian

Yesterday, my in-laws took us to a relatively new Indian restaurant for their Sunday lunch buffet. Doesn't this look goood??? The kids loved it too!
Afterwards, we had to stop for ice cream ... even though we were probably a bit on the full side. I took about a half-dozen pictures of these three together and one of them was always looking at their cone ... or eating it :)Cookies~n~Cream ... Cotton Candy ...
and Birthday Cake! Foofie tried to keep her candy on top as long as possible :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

a little quotable ~ October

"You need good ears. Twenty-twenty ears ..."
to hear the garage open.
"Does Halo have five hundred-five hundred ears?"

"I call you LOVE MOMMY."

"Do bad guys ever shoot through wooden doors?"

I got one of my first "love notes" from Foofie :)
ILU ("That means I love you ...)
Mommy (and Mommy)
Jesus (and Jesus" she said.)

"Halo's acting like she's the boss of America ... but MOMMY'S the boss of America!"