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Friday, January 29, 2010

a little mohawk

I've never been much into mohawks ... but Little Dude woke up with one this morning :) It was persistant and remained poking up all day long!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

a little chunk o' honey

I purchased two bags of Bit O' Honey this afternoon. When we got in the car, I opened one of the packages and gave Buddy and Foofie each a candy. (Halo wasn't with us.)
A few moments later ...

"I'm done with those forever," Foofie proclaimed from her seat.
"Done with what?" I asked.
"With those big chunks of honey. They're like uuummmmmpuh."
I chuckled.
"But, I might give 'em to my kids," she continued.
"You don't even have any kids!" Buddy blurted.
"Well ... I'm gonna have kids when I get big!" Foofie countered confidently.
"Well ... then you're going to have to get married," Buddy reminded her.
"Well, I like getting married and I'm going to get married ... and get rings."
"It's a ring ... not ringsss," Buddy interjected.
"Anyway, I like rings ... and a dress ... and something else, whatever it is," Foofie finished.
"A house?" guessed Buddy.
"NO!" Foofie nearly shouted.
(Maybe it rhymes with house ...)

Shortly after this exchange ...
"Actually, I might eat one or two or three chunks of honey ... sometime," Foofie recanted.
Oh my ... it's so hard to make up one's mind ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

a little kuckamucka

Today ... kind-of a regular day ... schoolwork and snowboarding ( it was "warm"!) ... laundry and dishes ... squabbles and sweetness ... trusty diapers and a leaky one too ... sickness and health ... goodness and sin ... things lost and things found ... trials and what's the opposite of trials??? smooth sailing???

I recall our current pastor saying a while back, "Life is a series of problems ... or trials." It seems like a rather negative outlook ... yet it is basically true, I guess. You wake up in the morning and your problem is hunger. Then you solve that by eating. Next, your trial is pajamas, bedhead, and morning mouth. You combat these with clothing, combs, and Colgate ~ I prefer Crest, but Colgate sounded better. This is one of those blogs where I'm not really sure where I'm heading ... can you tell???

The girls had some fun sister time ... painting each others' nails :) They even made "receipts" for their salon experience! This was Foofie's first experience of wielding the brush ... tres exciting for her!
Also today ... Buddy was thinking that being a policeman would not only be fun or whatever he imagines it to be ... but that it would also be lucrative because "all of the speeders would have to send their fines to you". His hopes were quickly dashed however, when we informed him it doesn't work that way.

And tonight, we were reading Matthew out loud ... part of the reading was about Joseph wanting to divorce his wife he found out she was with child. "Why?" questioned Halo. "Well, he didn't know that the baby was from God yet," I explained. "But still ... you think he'd be happy with any old baby. He seems ungrateful," Halo commented.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

a little crawl

Baby started "crawling" two days ago ~ despite my best attempts to keep Baby in one place for a few more months ;) Although he had already been getting around a bit by rolling and skooching backwards and turning circles on his tummy ... when he was sitting, he'd usually stay in one spot for me. Not anymore! What motivated him to move forward? The enticing storage bin of colorful gift bags, wrapping paper, and ribbons was left open on the floor. Once he spied it, he seemed to know his window of opportunity was small ... so he took off in a hurry and there was no going back!

P.S. Oops ... the clip I was going to add seems to have gotten deleted.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a little "I don't know"

Hi and Happy New Year!
Just felt like blogging something ...
We didn't really do anything New Year's Eve and it was kind-of a lame way to start our year ... so I'm feeling a bit restless ... like I just need some fun and laughs ... oh well ... I would enjoy a little global warming right about now too ... so the kids can play outside. Life is harder in the winter. Little Buddy's first tooth appeared yesterday and Jeff's Grandpa went to heaven today.