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Friday, September 18, 2009

a little rambling

I've been thinking of changing my blog address to sixcheddars ... any opinions on this? I'm not overly attached to all of the littles ... although my banner photo now fits in with the theme ... it is a lot of little bleeding hearts.

Also, trying to pick a blogname for Baby. Baby works for now ... but it obviously won't be too cool when he's say ... four??? I'm considering Zee, Junior, and Moses at this point. Any other suggestions?

FYI >>> We are on the medium level of personal information shared on this site ... so we don't use our childrens' real names. High exposure would be using real names and including photos of people. Low exposure ... provides maximum security ... by using code names and not posting any photos of the blogee or blogee's family. I just made this all up. I don't know if it really matters anyway ... but my husband ... he is the protector, you know :) ... thought it best if we didn't use our childrens' names. I also think I just made up "blogee" ... or have you heard the word before?

Well ... I must be fresh out of ideas or something ... since I'm rambling like a hill ... like a valley? I don't know ... what rambles???

P.S. Oh wait ... is it a man? Is there a song about a rambling man?


gianna said...

okay, so i LOVE your blog. i'm so glad you told me about it. mostly i love it because i can totally HEAR you say everything you just wrote!

Dana said...

That is so kind of you ... THANK YOU!!! It's always nice to get comments, ya know?

LBB said...

Hi Sis,
Well since you asked, I don't think you should change your blog address. Besides, what if down the road there becomes sevencheddars??? Also, I like Zee for the Baby's blogname. How about "Baby Z" for now? Just my 2 cents! :)

Suzanne said...

Well!...There is definitely a song...probably several about a GAMBLING man! I personally like "Zee"...sounds cute like him but not too babyish...plus we call Zach "Z" a lot around the house so I probably prefer it because it's familiar....What were your other questions??? Paths can ramble. I just love answering other peoples' questions....so much more interesting than my own! I also love your little theme. It works.

Dana said...

Thanks for the feedback! Well ... I guess I'll stick with my littles for now ... as you both answered the same way in my unofficial LITTLE poll of two :)