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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a little more Ezzie

Ezzie cracks me up -- almost continually :) He's at that fun age where they can say everything ... but their understanding is still pretty limited ... which makes for lots of funny quotes. If you could see and hear these comments ... they would obviously be more amusing. He is a master of facial expressions ... and his voice is usually high and squeaky.

Here's a little more Ezzie of late ...

When he wakes up in the morning, instead of asking me if he can go to church on Sunday ... he's now been calling, "Foofie! Come get me!"

Driving in the car on Sunday ... "Should I hang up my coat at Bible Study please? Should I???" This was immediately followed by, "Should I shoot a crazy deer?"

Pointing at the computer ... "Should I do dot com please, Mommy??? Dot com, Mommy?"

"You are such a nice little boy," said Mommy. "I'm a dump truck guy, Mommy! A dump truck guy!"

Daddy was cleaning him up in the shower ... and Ezzie managed to get his hair mostly standing up. "I'm a hawk, Daddy." Then, as he is getting rinsed off, "Don't rinse my hawk, Daddy!"

Ezzie was laying in our bed and talking about a deer and pointing to our chandelier. "Oh ... our chandelier," I said ... kind of getting the deer connection. "That's a chandle-deer," he said. "Does the chandle-deer walk around???" Then he told me ... "Daddy left me in the dark ... and there's a moose outside."

I was telling Little Honey that he's so warm ... he could be my heater. "I'm a fire," he responded. "You can sit by me."

I'm setting some things aside for an upcoming jaunt ... and Little Funny found one of Daddy's ties and hung it around his neck and said, "Should I bring my scarf??? Should I please???"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a little endearing

Little Sweetie's favorite Christmas song :)

Yesterday, I said to him, "You're just like a stick of butter!" {Yes, I'm full of funny endearments.} "I'm a robot," he replied. Then, he changed his voice into a mechanical sound and repeated, "I'm ... a ... ro ... bot."

"You're sweet as a caramel." I told him next. "A big caramel," Little Sweetie agreed. "A big BIG one!"

Shortly after ... "You're such a good potty trainer!" I encouraged him. "I'm like a snowflake," he responded ... while flailing his arms and legs about.

Later ... Ezzie was busy coloring ... "Look, Mommy! I'm making a star ... it's a horse-y ... or a hat." He paused briefly to color a little more on his doodle. "It's a mouse, Mommy! It's an airplane going zoom!" Another pause to add to his picture. "See my ... ... ... phingy, Mommy???" Yep, it's definitely a phingy (thing-y)!

I love two-and-a-half :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

a little church-boy

You may recall that Little Dude loves being at church. I think I've mentioned this before ... but many mornings during the week ... he'll say to me, "Can I go to church, Mommy? On Sunday, Mommy?" I couldn't very well take photos just for blogging fun during a worship service ... but our church had a variety show recently ...
and so I snapped a few pictures of Little Dude in church :)
He likes to tuck a book under his arm -- any book will do :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

a little "thankful for everything"

Foofie's Thanksgiving list {and some fun artwork of Foof's for the sake of color} ...
P.S. She's still scribing :) I came across this sheet recently ...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

a little dozen

Halo and I celebrated our birthdays last month. Halo is now a dozen ... and I am three dozen :) Our church was having a meatball dinner on her birthday -- and we like meatballs -- so we dined there. This might be Halo's satisfied-with-supper face ...
This guy likes meatballs too ... especially meatballs at church :)
Here's Halo's official birthday picture {with approximately 1 and 1/3 of her cousins} -- looking so grown up! I should correct the red eyes. Maybe later ... I pretty much don't bother with editing -- just happy to get them on the blog ...
Waiting for cake ...
My official birthday picture :) I'm not a big cake lover -- although I do like frosting ... provided it's free of chemicals -- so my mom made some raspberry birthday tarts :)
The kids made cards for me while we were at G & G's -- kind of last minute :) Don't you love cards full of happy smiley faces??? I do. Please don't be offended if your card for me isn't pictured here ... this was just the cards I presently had in my possession at Mom and Dad's house -- taken mainly because I like the picture of Mom and I that she {Mom/Mum} used on the card she made :)