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Saturday, May 22, 2010

a little picnic

A few pictures from Little Buddy's little Picnic Birthday Party ...
Wheelbarrow races!!!

Three-legged races :)

I'm not sure what was so funny here ... but I liked this profile shot of these three gals laughing :)Baseball too ... and beachball! Oh, and a big foam axe from the dollar section at Target = FUN!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a little robin

My kids discovered a nest a few weeks ago with eggs in it. They waited for the eggs to hatch and even began helping the busy mother by bringing worms to her babies. Then, one day, this day in fact, when the birds were nearly too large for the nest but not quite ready to fly ... Buddy was checking on them and accidentally bumped their foundation {a branch}. The three birds were ousted from their perch. Two were still pretty close to the nest and eventually got back in, but one landed on our lawn and ran right into the street. Halo and Buddy immediately rescued him {her?} from getting smooshed by a vehicle and then started playing with the birdie. Holding it, petting it, putting it in our birdbath, showing it to their baby brother, trying to feed it. Voila!

Isn't this cute???
Little Dude ... content just sitting in the rocks ... studying the rocks.When the fun was over, they returned "Chirps" to its happy home. All's well that ends well :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a little "Wild About God"

I took this video about a month ago when we were "rocking out" in the van on the way home from somewhere ... rather late at night, as you can see. This is one {of two, currently} of our family's favorite songs. Isn't this a fun song???

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a little drawer

The title here is a bit misleading ... as the drawer you are about to see is not a little drawer. It is a LARGE drawer. It might be the biggest ... or at least the longest drawer you have ever seen. And actually ... it's not just one drawer ... but TWO! Yes ... two very large drawers!!! In fact, if I hadn't limited myself to titles beginning with a little something ... I would have titled this entry TWO BIG DRAWERS. Is anyone excited yet??? Maybe my Dad is ...

Anyway, this is one of Husband's ... er Schneider's ... no, Schneider just doesn't sound right ... most recent attempts at getting MORE organized in his truck. And I am blogging about this be-cause ... be-cause ... because I took pictures :) Oh ... and also because Husband was really excited about these drawers.

This is the "crazy carpenter in need of a haircut" pose ... but alas, his barber is yours truly ... and she is pretty busy!Don't you just love trees???
And yes, it seems that Buddy likes to wear our purple baby-carrying-backpack just for fun ... sans bebe, of course!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

a little errand

So ... tonight I had to make a last-minute dash to Target for milk and diapers. These are pretty much our two essential goods that we cannot live without. Husband and I must each have a minimum of two cappuccino coolers every morning ... without fail ... and the kiddos have it on their Corn Flakes or Cheerios. And the diapers??? That's obvious. I've been thinking ~ by the way ~ that Husband, a.k.a. Jeff, a.k.a Daddy, could use a blogname.

A couple of weeks ago, we were at Key Title so I could sign some stuff. That's what it is to me ... stuff. I've been there a few times and I really don't know what all I'm signing and that's fine. They just tell me to sign here and sign there and sign this and that ... and I just do it :) I cooperate really well! Anyway, one of the gals there ~ there are two that work there and they are sisters and both very friendly ~ was calling my husband Dr. Edge ... which makes sense to us from some of his paperwork. Anyway, she said that thinking of my husband as Dr. Edge helped her remember him because she had trouble with our last name. So ... maybe his blogname could be Dr. Edge ... or maybe not :) Maybe I'll call him Landlord ... in honor of his new venture that has enlarged his keyring to scary proportions ... or ... I don't know. Help ... I'm veering off topic!!! Okay ... I just asked him ~ Jeff, Husband, Daddy, Dr. Edge, Landlord ~ and he said he hates the term landlord and suggested "Schneider". Hmmm. So, I guess Landlord is out. But Schneider??? I'm not even sure how to spell it! Certainly he wasn't serious! Perhaps I'll call him Honey :)

Anyway ... back to diapers and milk and Target ... with Foofie and Little Buddy in tow. We did our shopping ... and tried our best not to get sidetracked from the items on THE LIST {which had now multiplied} ... while the Target speakers were announcing the time every five minutes and prodding us to make our final selections. Not accustomed to shopping so late at night, Foofie was a bit concerned that we would get locked in the store and have to endure a sleepover with all of the employees that might actually live at Target in the mysterious "back room". Her fears, however, were not realized and we made it safely back to our van ... where I informed Foof that no one really lives at Target. Errand accomplished.

Sorry for the lengthy prelude. Get ready ... here comes the main point of this whole post!

On the way home from Target, Foofie struck up this conversation with me ...

"I bet some kids somewhere, like in India, tell their mommies that they don't want to go to bed when their mommy tells them to go to bed."
"Yeah?" I encouraged her to say more.
"Yeah, some Indian kids probably do that. And maybe some kids in America too ... they maybe say they won't go to bed," she continued.
"What do you suppose their mommies would say to that?" I questioned.
"Ummm ... I don't know," Foofie answered.
"What do you think your Mommy and Daddy would say if you said that?" I probed.
"I don't know," she said again.
"Yes, you do."
"Would you say it nice or mean?" Foofie asked, without answering my question.
Well, I might say something like, "Foofie, I am the boss and you are the child. I love you and it is time for you to go to bed now. How did that sound???"
"But ... if I was really tired and very sick ... I might say it in a crabby way ... but hopefully not. Hopefully I would still say it nice ... but hopefully a little girl wouldn't tell her Mommy or Daddy that she won't go to bed in the first place."
"Oh ... I would not ever say that," Foofie promised.
"Well," I said, "That's a very good plan! It's good to plan to be good. We can make good plans or we can make evil plans. It's good to decide in our heart and mind that we are going to do what is right and good because that is what God expects from us."

I love it when the Lord hands me little teaching moments like this :)

a little bling

Look at these feet ... yes, they are a bit dirty! Whose do you guess they are??? Baby's feet!
Notice the decorative toenail??? No ... his sisters didn't do it. Somehow ... all by himself {only the two of us were home} ... Little Buddy managed to position one of Halo's lavender stick-on earrings precisely on his big toenail!

Yes ... the sisters were involved here ... trying Foofie's glasses on the poor guy. I'm pretty sure he wasn't bothered by the girliness of them ... any sort of shades would set him off.
Oh ... the trials of being the baby brother!

a little chuckle

Sunday, May 9, 2010

a little cupboard

You might recall a previous post about my picking up Foofie from Sunday School. Anyway ... a week ago ... that would be last Sunday ... here is where I found Foofie when I got to her classroom ... and a little girl was just in the process of closing the cupboard doors. I usually don't have my camera along ... but because it was "Childrens' Ministries Sunday", I had remembered to toss it in my tote bag.

I asked Foofie to explain what was going on here and she said, "When the doors were shut, I was actually reading that paper to him." {him being this sweet-looking, blonde, tattooed fellow}

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a little backseat driver

My darling little Foofie is now closer to five than four ... and she still calls me "Mommy Love" on a daily basis ~ usually first thing in the morning and then again at bedtime ~ which I, of course, just love :) When we are driving here and there though ... she isn't calling me "Mommy Love". No, Foofie is trying to help me drive. Her seat is directly behind me and she calls out things like this ...

"Go right after that red car goes, Mama."
"You can get over {in the next lane} behind that white car."
"The speed limit is fifty!"
"If you move over, we can have our own lane."
"It's still green, Mama ... hurry!"

Anyway, it's kind-of amuses me ... I can't imagine that I gave too much thought to driving back when I was four.

Halo and Buddy, by the way, are usually off in another world reading library books while traveling in the car :)