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Saturday, April 19, 2014

a little conversing

Yesterday ... I had a rare and amusing half hour with my precious Ezzie.  We were on a little drive and I only had the youngest two.  Honeygun was sleeping and Ezzie and I had quite a conversation ...
Ezzie's words are in red :)

First, he was asking a few questions about Good Friday.  And I explained that Jesus only died once ... but we stop and pay special attention to remember it on the Friday before Resurrection Day every year ... like a birthday.  Or ... like an anniversary ... which I said is like a birthday for a wedding.
"How come we never have any weddings???  We never go to a wedding!"

"Is smoking illegal?"
"Are cigarettes illegal?"
"No ... and it's almost the same thing.  When we talk about smoking ... we are usually referring to people smoking cigarettes.  It isn't illegal and it isn't a sin ... but it really isn't a very wise choice.  Next week ... remind me to show you some pictures of healthy lungs and the lungs of a smoker."
"Okay ... but I don't smoke cigarettes and I have healthy lungs."

"Do robbers wear black hats ... and gray grayish pants ... and shirts with black and white stripes on them?"
"No.  Is that how the Lego robber is dressed?"
"Well ... I suppose they could be dressed like that ... but they wear all sorts of clothes.  Criminals often do their criminal deeds at night though so they might wear black and dark colors so they aren't as likely to be seen."
"I bet criminals wear air-colored clothes in the day so people can't see them ... otherwise they hide behind big rocks.  Are there guards at jails so the robbers don't get out?"
"Yes ... but occasionally someone does get out and escape ... however they usually get caught."
"Or they go hide behind a rock."

We were almost to our destination when I noticed a church that I hadn't seen the other time we'd been up this way ...
"Hey!  There's an Evangelical Free church," I called out.
"And it doesn't cost any money!"

Monday, April 7, 2014

a little startled

I was startled twice today.  I'm a pretty jumpy gal.  My husband often startles me in our home and he always responds with, "I live here too!"  Haha :)

Today was a glorious, springlike day ... the curse of winter has finally lifted ... and it was the kind of day where you feel compelled to raise your arms toward the heavens to soak in the loveliness of it all.  Anyway ... I was attempting to do a little spring cleaning of our van which is lacking in loveliness ... which is still the old van and NOT the new van.   So ... I was in and out and in and out of the van and the garage and so on.  At one point, I was standing near the hood and I could sense something largish on the hood.  I turned my head there was a dove walking around on the van.  It startled me and I screamed ... but I didn't scare it away.  Then, the bird hung out with me and my two little boys for several more minutes.

Later, while I was stopped at a red light on the way to pick up some kids ... a woman came and slapped on my window.  She was holding Halo's heavy purple backpack which I had forgotten on our little trailer-dealie.  This here was my second startle and I had to recover quickly as I was at the intersection of 96 and 61.  I thanked her profusely!!!  In hindsight, however, I think I was so thankful simply because she wasn't a policeman or some threatening person ... the backpack would likely have made the journey unscathed.  Oh well.  I think this woman and I might have been friends if we met under normal circumstances :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

a little nourishment

This little turkey tore a page out of my small Bible this morning and he ate half of it!  A fourth of it was gone before I even noticed ... and then he was chewing the second fourth like gum.  I tried to get it out but without success ... 

I guess this qualifies as a spiritually nourishing breakfast ;)