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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a little about the littles

Speaking of saving money -- the last post about Halo and a Kindle -- Foofie decided she wants money for Christmas ... "Because I'm saving up for an emergency ... or else a car!"

More Foofie fun ... I've noticed she sometimes writes little notes to her writing teacher on her assignments ... "HI! How are you? I can't wait to give you my assignment." And on her paper for next week titled "Last Thanksgiving" ... she wrote on the bottom "THE END. BY FOOFIE. THANKS FOR READING THE LAST THANKSGIVING." And then she put a little rhythm or such below the story ...


And speaking of fun quotes ... when Little Dude and I were on the way to pick up the kids from co-op yesterday ... he was holding Buddy's big nerf gun and he said, "The girls they always jump on me ... BUT ... I will keep them OFF ... with my SHOOT gun!" Then he began to list off the names of most of the girls he knows ... and it seems he wasn't talking about his sisters :)

Little Blondie likes church. Nearly every morning he asks me, "Can I go to church, Mommy, on Sunday?" Tonight, while we were driving he spotted a church and said, "Look at that cool church!" And then ... "There's a church at Disneyworld." He knows we are going to Disney sometime -- he has heard the bigs excitedly talking about it -- so apparently ... in his mind ... there must a church there if it's so wonderful :)

We also have plans to visit South Dakota on the calendar ... and the kids are all jabbering about that as well ... and so Little Darling has been talking about "Fouf Akota" too :)

Oh ... and one more thing ... when I tell Little Fellow that he can have only one of something ... he seems to think it means only one at a time. So ... he has his first one and then when he is wanting a second ... he often waves his pointer finger at me while he asks, "Just only one, Mommy?" He's hard to refuse :) Then ... he'll request a third thing ... "Just only one, Mommy?"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

a little app

Perhaps the most exciting thing this week -- for Halo and I at least -- was my discovery of the kindle app. Is that even how you spell app??? I don't know. I'm usually late to the party in terms of technology ...

Anyway, Halo is possibly saving up for a kindle ... rather unofficially though ... so we'll see. Nonetheless ... she knows she'd really like one if she could afford it ... and she truly has an unbelievable appetite for reading. In the meantime however ... we now have the kindle app. It's not quite as convenient or portable or nifty as a real live kindle ... but it was FREE :) Maybe you want to get one too ...

All I had to do was download the app from amazon -- and I was set to start selecting titles for our virtual library! Oooh exciting! And then I picked out a dozen or so books for Halo ... and they were all free as well! Can it get any better than that???

If you want any suggestions ...
here are some of our kindle picks so far ...

Teddy's Button
Probable Sons
The Lamplighter
Christy's Old Organ
Tales of Daring and Danger
Me and Nobbles
The Treasure of the Incas
Little Meg's Children
A Peep Behind the Scenes
Cobwebs and Cables

I'm eager to read some of these myself :)