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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a little clearer

Halo got her new glasses last Wednesday ... and it seems like they work! She was excitedly reading all of the signs and whatnot as we were driving about that she couldn't make out before. I am so thankful for eye doctors and glasses!!! The science is almost miraculous ... that they are able to determine what level her sight is (20/400!) and fashion lenses to make her vision 20/20. Wow! Halo has been told she looks smarter, older, and cute ... plus, she can SEE now ... so I don't think she minds her new accessory one bit!


LBB said...

Oh, Halo is SO cute with glasses! Can't wait to see her in person! :)

MUM said...

Halo does indeed look OH SO CUTE! She's always been a cutie, but, I think that the glasses just add to her cuteness!