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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

childrens music

I was looking through some of our CDs and DVDS the other day looking for one in particular ... although I can't remember even what at this point.  Anyway ... as I was thumbing through them I realized we have a bunch of children's music that hasn't been played in years.  I played some of these CDs a lot when I only had three little kids ... but as those little kids got older and began selecting the music a lot of the time we had stopped listening to our Word & Song Bible CDs and Cedarmont Kids and so on.  In fact, when Ezzie was two ... some of his most familiar music was by Matt Kearney.  So ... determined to expose Ezzie and G to a some music geared towards littles ... I grabbed about 5 CDS to leave in the van.  

A couple days later ... it was just me and G in the van driving to pick up the other kids.  So I popped in a Bible Songs CD and after a few lines, G asked, "Mommy, do you know who is singing this song?"

"No, I'm not sure who it is," I answered.

He listened a little bit longer ... "I think ... I think it is Gunnar!"  he said with a bit of wonder in his voice :)  

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

for the love

Foof was bugging G -- and therefore me too -- by trying to make him wear a new sweatshirt ...

"For the LOVE!" I said with some irritation ...

"OF PETER!" G finished {without missing a beat and in the same tone and way I would say it}.

It was hilarious.  We all laughed and G got out of wearing the sweatshirt.