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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a little quotable ~ September

Here's the latest batch of quotes ...

Foofie is more than 100% ... "I'm one hundred point one sure!" ... 100.1

SEPT. 10
Driving around. Running errands.
"Can we go get me a burger?" Foofie asked ... "I haven't had a burger yet today."
Perhaps she has already had too many burgers in her short life!

SEPT. 12
"Do you think I could sell the police badges that I make?" asked Buddy.
"No," Halo responded quickly.
"Laminated?" (usually means packing tape)
He tried again ... "Laminated ... with a pin?" (a safety pin taped on back)
We all laughed.

SEPT. 29
Foofie greeting Baby in the morning ... "Hello, my big huge humongous little friend!"

SEPT. 30
Chatting (and somewhat joking) with the pediatrician ...
"Well ... I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist."
Okay ... maybe not the best thing to say ... considering the nurses and doctors at our clinic ask all sorts of personal questions (which are none of their business) and then record copious notes about us on our "charts".

Sunday, September 27, 2009

a little baptism

Late this afternoon ... I was cleaning out all of the debris that had accumulated in our van this past week ... mail, papers from school, stuff from church, miscellaneous laundry (baby blankets, socks, sweat jackets, onesies, towels), Panera cups, hair binders, sermon notes, library books, Target bags, lip glosses, police paraphernalia, gum wrappers ... you name it! Does anyone else experience this???

Anyway, Buddy came into the garage in his swimsuit and announced that we were going to the lake. He wanted to get baptised. Jeff followed behind shortly with towels ... also in swim shorts. It began sprinkling out as we were all getting buckled into the van. We started driving and I noticed the outside temp was 57 degrees :)

When we arrived at the lake ... it was extremely windy and starting to change from sprinkles to raindrops. Buddy commented that it was "wretched weather". We took out our new $4 jumbo umbrella (purchased last night at Ikea) and headed down to the water. When we reached the water ... which was quite a ways out as the lake is really low this year ... it was really raining! Halo, Foofie, Baby, and I all huddled under the big blue and yellow umbrella. My, was I ever thankful for that umbrella!!!
Buddy got baptised!!! Way to go, Son :)
Keep in mind that the camerawoman was holding a large umbrella and a large baby ... and it was raining and really really windy ...

(I didn't quite catch it all on video ...)

The guys dried off real quick and we dashed back to the van for cover. Actually, Daddy (carrying Foofie) and Buddy dashed ... Halo and I slogged. We couldn't see because the umbrella was nearly straight out in front of us blocking the wind. Our hands were full ... making any dashing impossible. My toes were numb ... I was in flip flops. Halo was in her fancy boots. And then ... my wonderful new umbrella broke ... and bonked Little Buddy on the head! He didn't like that. I didn't either ... now I'm not so keen on the umbrella after all.

a little refill

We lunched at Chipotle. Since it was a beautiful afternoon ... we dined outside. We were seated at a table near our van ... and Little Buddy was in there.

"Do you want another pop?" I asked Jeff.
"What kind?" I questioned.
"Mello Yello."
"Are you sure?"
"Get your own." I replied ... quite kindly :)
We both burst out laughing. What a wife!

(I think I said this because I started thinking about checking on Little Buddy ... instead of going for pop right then. Anyway, Jeff didn't know what I was thinking ... even after twelve years of marriage!)

"Maybe ... I should start a blog," Jeff replied, "and write down all of the funny things you say!"

(Then ... I changed my mind again ... can you believe that??? I didn't want to be a bad wife. And so ... I refilled his Mello Yello after all.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a little clearer

Halo got her new glasses last Wednesday ... and it seems like they work! She was excitedly reading all of the signs and whatnot as we were driving about that she couldn't make out before. I am so thankful for eye doctors and glasses!!! The science is almost miraculous ... that they are able to determine what level her sight is (20/400!) and fashion lenses to make her vision 20/20. Wow! Halo has been told she looks smarter, older, and cute ... plus, she can SEE now ... so I don't think she minds her new accessory one bit!

a little crazy

So ... I was at Target late this morning after having been to the eye doctor again for an adjustment on Halo's glasses. The gal ahead of me in the checkout line asked ...

"Do you homeschool?"
"Yes!" I responded ... "Do I look crazy or something?"

She laughed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

a little package

My mother-in-law just gave me some photos on a CD last night ... FUN! Here is one of them. This is our family four months ago ... I had just eaten a painfully large meal at Olive Garden. It was 12 days before my due date. Baby arrived, however, only 1 1/2 days after this photo ... so this turned out to be my last photo of Baby in the belly. Do I really look like I have a 9 pound 10 ounce package in there? Maybe if I was turned sideways. It's amazing how our bodies can stretch soooo much ... enough to carry a full-size baby!

Anyway ... I've never been photographed shortly before delivery ... and got the idea to do it this time around (this might be the last opportunity!) ... but the camera went flying into the far recesses of our van as we were racing to the hospital. So ... after Baby arrived, Jeff had to go back out to our vehicle to search for the camera.

Nikki ~ After MUCH delay ... here's the photo you asked about ... it just took a few months :)
More bellies!!! This here is my other late pregnancy photo ... taken on May 10th, Mother's Day. Believe it or not ... Mrs. Johnson was due 7 days before me (and still looking quite perky here) ... but I went 10 days early ... and she went 2 days late ... so how many days apart does that make our babies??? Can you solve this word problem?

And now ... the babies! One is just over four months & one is almost four months. It's fun(ny) to see them together because they are so different. Big and strong. Small and delicate.

Friday, September 18, 2009

a little rambling

I've been thinking of changing my blog address to sixcheddars ... any opinions on this? I'm not overly attached to all of the littles ... although my banner photo now fits in with the theme ... it is a lot of little bleeding hearts.

Also, trying to pick a blogname for Baby. Baby works for now ... but it obviously won't be too cool when he's say ... four??? I'm considering Zee, Junior, and Moses at this point. Any other suggestions?

FYI >>> We are on the medium level of personal information shared on this site ... so we don't use our childrens' real names. High exposure would be using real names and including photos of people. Low exposure ... provides maximum security ... by using code names and not posting any photos of the blogee or blogee's family. I just made this all up. I don't know if it really matters anyway ... but my husband ... he is the protector, you know :) ... thought it best if we didn't use our childrens' names. I also think I just made up "blogee" ... or have you heard the word before?

Well ... I must be fresh out of ideas or something ... since I'm rambling like a hill ... like a valley? I don't know ... what rambles???

P.S. Oh wait ... is it a man? Is there a song about a rambling man?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a little cooing

This might only interest Grandma & Grandpa ... but oh well :) With each child I'm increasingly enjoying the cooing days ... and often trying to capture a snippet of it on video. I just think it's so sweet and darling ... the first steps towards language. This is one of our earliest conversations (late July) ... when Baby was about two months old.

Monday, September 14, 2009

a little remodeling

It was time for some blog remodeling ...

Friday, September 11, 2009

a little optimist

Foofie insisted on going on a run tonight. She wanted to run a mile tonight because she ran a half mile two nights ago. So we were off ... and she was running like a nut ... although nuts pretty much just sit around I guess. She was jumping from the curb to the road to the curb and back to the road. Then she was leaping towards the ground grabbing fistfuls of grass and weeds. Then she was skipping. And then she was looking behind her ...

"Be careful!" I cautioned her.
"You get two sets of teeth ... but only one face."
Ever the hopeful optimist ... "I get two noses though."
"How would that work?" I asked.
"If I break my nose ... which would be very BAD ...
I'd have to go to the doctor and get a new nose."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a little badness

We had just finished praying ... partly about Halo going to the eye doctor tomorrow ... when Foofie said,
"I'm never going to the eye doctor because
I'm never gonna have bad eyes."
"I'm never going to have bad eyes either," Buddy agreed.
"Me too! NEVER!" Foofie repeated with her usual exuberance ...
"But I will have bad teeth!"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

a little ending

Today was Mrs. Steven's last day as our mail lady. She had told us they were reorganizing and reassigning routes and she didn't have enough seniority for our route ... for whatever reason, it is a coveted route. We weren't around to greet her this last time. Here is what she left behind for the kids ...So ... yesterday turned out to be their last race against Mrs. Stevens ... and I was able to get it on video ... unfortunately, one of the runners went down ... watch carefully ;)