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Friday, September 14, 2012

a little pear (& apple) picking :) ~by Halo~

Hi all :) Today we went on a rather spontaneous field trip.  We visited a family who used to attend our church.  They moved up north to a small farm.  It was a lot of fun -- we even got to pick some pears and apples :) They have 11 chickens, 3 horses (Mia, Chad, Elmer), 1 Shetland pony (Princess, she is not pictured), 3 barn cats (Pierre, Rex, Emmy (Emmy is not pictured), and 1 golden retriever (Maggie).

The pear trees...
Me picking some juicy pears :)
Foofie in the pear tree :)
Buddy in the apple tree :)

Me and Pierre the tabby :)
Buddy and the cat Rex...

Foofie and Rex :)
I especially love this picture...Buddy and their horse Chad :)
Foof feeding apples to Mia and Elmer  :)
Me, Foof n' Chad  :)
Little Man with Elmer coming to visit  :)  "Hi horsey," he said :)
Lil' Buddy and their little boy Jo-Jo  ... who doesn't love trucks?!?!?