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Friday, June 27, 2008

a little blog

Let's Start at the Very Beginning ... I was on the phone with my dear sister this morning and she encouraged me to start a blog because she wants to read someone else's blog that she actually knows and she wants me to be able to leave comments on her blog. I had already thought about creating a blog some time back ... but decided against it because:

I think I'd rather play online scrabble if I have a bit of leisure time late at night.

I didn't want to have to figure the whole thing out ... think up a title ... remember another password ... learn how to put pictures on and all of that.

There was probably a third ~ and very compelling ~ reason not to start a blog ... maybe it was just that I didn't know what I'd write about.

NONETHELESS, here it is in all of its splendor ~ or ordinariness I guess, considering this first post ~ but hopefully it will exhibit some splendor sometime ....