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Thursday, April 29, 2010

a little thrill

Here is some fun the big kids had today ...

Addendum ... It seems I had a case of temporary insanity caused by sleep deprivation or something. My brilliant husband informed me that this is dangerous ... the chairs could fold up on the kids and they could potentially get hurt. And yes, Buddy did get hurt later in the day ... albeit minor. This sit-down scooter stunt, however, can also be accomplished by balancing a plastic crate ~ the kids have used an old milk crate and recycling-type bins ~ on your scooter. It is a bit safer ... we hope :)

a little stroller

In our family, every baby ~ except for Halo ~ gets to ride in the doll stroller. We didn't own a doll stroller until Halo was two and there were no older siblings wanting to stroll her around ... so back then, it was just for the dolls. Anyway, today was Little Dude's turn!

Do you think he liked it???
I might have stopped fussing ... but I'm still not happy about this.Well ... Foofie liked it ... and maybe next time Little Dude will too ;)

Baby was happier crawling around in the grass ...finding rocks, twigs, and dandelions ...and pondering big things ~ like Daddy's truck! Isn't spring wonderful???

Monday, April 19, 2010

a little eater

Baby Number Four ... consider these his eleven month {plus two days} pictures :) Notice the "little buddy" on this darling bib a friend of mine found for him??? {THANK YOU!!!}

You do some things differently with each child. This time around, I didn't make any "baby food" ... although I did for my first three children. In fact, I purchased only two containers of Gerber ... which we tried to shovel into Little Buddy. He was not wanting to keep his mouth open for the sweet potatoes and turkey dinner though. Can you imagine??? He really wasn't all that interested in any sort of food, however, until well into February. Then, his very first foods were "baby cereal", Rice Krispies, and Cheerios ... but these were rather quickly followed by papaya, Chinese take-out, eggs ... cooked carrots and green beans ... tomato soup and whole grain bagels. I decided to jump right in and offer Little Buddy tastes that weren't the typical baby fare ... by giving him bites of what the rest of us were eating. He is always eager to share my burrito when we get Chipotle now ... and Little Buddy also likes ... to my great surprise ... grapefruit ~ unsweetened! He's had bananas of course ... but also oranges and strawberries ... and this morning he devoured a fruit smoothie made with flax and spinach :) I'm hoping he'll be my best eater yet!

P.S. April 23rd, while we were out celebrating Daddy's birthday ... Little Buddy tried a few new things ~ fish, baked potato, and several mandarin oranges that were plucked off of my salad :) I think he'll eat almost anything now!