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Saturday, February 17, 2018

a little vacation house #1

After Disney, we drove down to Cape Coral to stay for two weeks. We had to move houses in the middle as one didn't have a long enough slot.

Gun really wanted to try some fishing.

And...he learned to swim, quite well.

It wasn't long before he was jumping in the deep end and diving for Toy-pedos

By the canal

Halo made a cobbler

The three littles!

He went in the pool for a brief time and LOVED it. He loves water and baths, so go figure.

Some photos of him ... nearly 5 months old!

Gun giving Finn lots of love


Ez had to have emergency surgery while here - he had appendicitis. This is post-surgery with Gun happy to have him back! 

Gun's "gun" made from a palm branch.

Watching the Olympics.

a little Disney vacation

This was the year for our Disney vacation with J's parents and brother. Our PhotoPass photos aren't available yet, but there will be some fun ones coming soon from that as well.

Mickey ice cream cones!

Cousin time while waiting in line.

These two crazies!

Early morning dash to Animal Kingdom trying to get to a ride that generally has a 4 hour wait time. It was about 6:45 am when we were here, waiting for the bus.

On the bus!

Halo and I took the little two on the safari.

Safari ride

Trip-ly excursion to Biergarten, the German restaurant. 

Crazy-Gun at Biergarten.

He's getting SO big. About 4 months old in this photo.

The lovely pool area at Wilderness Lodge.

One day, we went to the Blizzard Beach waterpark which was a lot of fun. The whole park was themed like a ski resort.

Finn loved the water!

A ski-resort complete with a chair lift!

The Slush Gusher, a huge waterslide.

The 90ft drop slide, Summit Plummet.

Wave pool

Jensen's early birthday supper at Whispering Canyon

The nightly boat parade

The Tomorrowland Speedway

The Seven-Dwarfs Mine Train, which Gunnar LOVED.

a little road trip

Driving the 28 some hours to Florida with a new baby was quite the ride this year ...

The biggest 5 on day 2 of driving

Finn was very tired of the car seat.

Our annual stop at the FL Welcome Center with the NASA astronaut

Photo time at the welcome center!

G had to have a photo with the poster of Chewbacca.

a little new(er) family photo

Pretty much the first family photo we got with Finn was New Years Eve - not a great one, but until our Disney photos come, it's the newest one :)

...it looks like a lot of kids once they're all in a picture!

Friday, November 17, 2017

a little halo

Halo turned 18 last week ... crazy how time went by.
The birthday photo, with Finney :)

I was going through some things in preparation for our move, and came across a notebook where I had written some funny Halo-comments from when she was little. Her funny sayings got somewhat skipped on here, as she was older when I started blogging. 

Here are some funny things from her in 2007.

Lost first tooth day after Easter (flute)

Lost second tooth May 27

Lost third tooth at Panera July 22 - daddy tried to find it in the trash

Lost fourth tooth in August at Henry's. (Reading this out loud just now, and turned to Halo, "Who's Henry?" "Hmmmm, I have no idea. I don't ever remember a Henry." she replied. A mystery for us to solve ;) )

May 26, 2007
Halo got Bubbles, her first fish ... after coming home from Walmart, we had this conversation:
Halo "When my fish dies, can I eat it??"
M "It's too small to be eaten."
Halo "Well can just I eat it?"


Now she's 18 and doing her first year of college ... crazyness!

Friday, October 27, 2017

a little baby-love

Halo, holding Finney: "I love you, baby! You are the sweetest thing in the whole wide world."
Gun: "Do you want to marry him?"
Halo, not paying attention: "I don't know." And then realizing what he said, begins to laugh ... "I mean, no, silly!"
Gunny didn't see the humor in that and walked away, confused.

a little baby #6

Finney arrived in September! The older kids have been all over him :) It's crazy that he's now a month old.
(photos in chronological order from September 26 to October 27.)

 Finn and Gun (notice the camo ;) )

 Some of his first smiles!!

With big sister!!