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Friday, August 13, 2010

a little Alaskan Cruise

We are home from our Alaskan cruise with the in-laws, mine that is. A lovely time was had by all ... pictures to follow ... just as soon as I stop swaying. Coming home with so much stuff to do, however, is rather overwhelming and I currently feel as though I never want to drag all six of us on another vacation ever again. I will, of course, quickly change my mind ... just as soon as winter begins to rear its ugly head.

I asked the kids what they liked best from the trip ...

halo. the whole thing overall. the stops. the buffets. dressing up for dinner. looking for souvenirs. swimming. palate cleansers.

buddy. everything. the slingshot. ping pong. swimming. looking for whales. creme brulee.

foofie. going to the waterfall and going to the glacier in juneau. swimming. ice cream cones.

little cruiser. watching the luggage slide down the chute at the baggage claim. waving at cousin Luke. seeing the planes at the airport. playing under the table during the four-course dinners.

My father-in-law and mother-in-law celebrated their 45th anniversary on the cruise ... that was the occasion for our excursion. It also happened to be our 13th anniversary :)

The scenery was fantastic ... awesome! The food was excellent and abundant ... and the kids enjoyed trying lots of new foods. Jeff and I also enjoyed visiting with some of the staff from all over the globe ... 57 different countries, I think.

P.S. The song I made up while cruising was ... People Just Wanna Wear Bathrobes ... it is to the tune of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. The first day, we saw people heading to the pool area in the bathrobes which are provided. They looked just a tad funny parading about the ship in white bathrobes ... but we decided to follow suit {or robe, I guess} since we didn't bring any swim cover-ups and we had to go outside to get to the pool. So we ended up being quite a sight ... especially while we were traversing through the cafe!
More to come!


gianna said...

We need to get someone to publish our songs. you need to check out my song about Dash's rock in his head! http://atravelingthought.blogspot.com/2010/08/sing-it-with-me-to-tune-of-green-grass.html

MUM said...

Welcome back, honey! Hope that you are feeling good now. Can't wait to hear all about your cruise!