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Friday, August 20, 2010

a little cruisin' III

It was all six of us, my father-in-law {aka Grandpa} ... and an afternoon in Juneau. We went on a fifteen-minute bus ride which brought us to this salmon creek and a hiking trail which led to an enormous waterfall and the famed Mendenhall Glacier. It was about a one-mile trek each way.

The glacier from a distance ... the waterfall is just to the right of it.
Happy Hikers :) This little adventure, by the way, was the first thing Foofie mentioned when I asked the kids what they liked best about the trip.
And here it is ... the reward at the end of the trail ... I don't know how to take those two strangers out of the photo though ...All three ... Halo, Buddy, and Foofie are great hikers ... and no, we didn't see any bears. Grandpa was a great hiker too ;)

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