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Saturday, July 24, 2010

a little peer-pressure

I love to hear stories of my children resisting peer pressure! And I just heard a new one today!

About a month ago, a boy at church told Buddy and another boy to meet up with him at a certain place after the service. Planned meetings are exciting ... so they agreed and followed through. The boy, the first boy mentioned, then directed Buddy and the other boy to go up to the balcony with him and collect the communion cups. So ... they went and gathered up lots and lots of the small plastic cups. Buddy said he was wondering what the boy wanted them for. Next, this boy went to the side stairwell and proceeded to place a cup or two on each stair. Finally, he stomped down the stairs ... smashed all of the cups into pieces ... and made quite a mess. At some point during this, the boy told Buddy and the other boy to do this too. Buddy, however, knew it was wrong and thought he and the other boy might get in trouble for this. After all, Buddy and the other boy were left holding the cups ... lots of cups.

So ... Buddy said, "I started shouting commands to {my friend}. Run! Drop the cups! Run!" And they did just that.

Woo-Hoo, Buddy! Thumbs up!


Dana said...

The "shouting commands" part really cracks me up :)

gianna said...

And this is the young man who memorized that really long verse for service today! I can just see it!