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Friday, June 18, 2010

a little this 'n' that

A journal entry for today ... a little something to note about each of my miracles ...

Halo's quote of the day actually begins with a story about me and a hat. Today, I mended this sweet, adorable, little, tan, babyGap hat for PoorLittleDudeWhoOftenHasToWearAPinkHat :) It has been one of my favorite hats for years ... I think it might have been Halo's at one time with a tiny ruffle on it that I removed for Buddy's use. Anyway, one side of the velcro was finally kaput. {Hey! I wasn't sure if I knew how to spell kaput ... but it must be right ... the computer didn't underline it in red.}

The teeth side of velcro might last forever ... but the more fuzzy, grabbing side has its limitations. So ... all I really did, mending-wise, was rip out the chunk of velcro ... cut a new piece of velcro {actually two, because the first one was too small} ... locate some close-enough-colored thread ... and sew it on. It was challenging, however, because it was very difficult to push through ... my needle bent to a near right angle quite early on ... and I was trying to sew in the existing holes from the discarded piece of velcro. All that to say, I succeeded ... but it took much longer than I expected. It was worth it though. I like the hat. So I was pleased :)

Of course I wanted someone else to be pleased and excited about the improved baby hat ... so I showed my handiwork to Halo and told her I was so pleased. Pleased with how it turned out ... but even more pleased that it was finished ... and pleased that it was now less likely to get yanked off and lost.

You'd never guess Halo's response ... "Are you so pleased that you want to go get a hot fudge malt???" she immediately asked with a cheeky grin. Yes, I like hot fudge malts ... Here is the little piece of velcro that was such a big deal ... please notice the carefully stiched oval and not the cracker crumbs :)

"Boys get stung less than girls do." {Buddy's conclusion from looking at all of the female legs in our house.} Also ... he has been motivated to get more fit for soccer camp which is coming next week. He's been doing a combo of walking and running about two miles with me lately :) I'm just walking though ... and thinking about running ... and almost sort-of getting the itch to maybe do another race ...

Foofie was holding an antique doll with "hair" ... "She has a BANG. I don't want a bang." Then, running her hands through her own hair, "I like it just the way it is." Well good :) Please keep saying that for the next fifteen years ... "I like it just the way it is."

After watching the older kids kick the soccer ball around ... Little Buddy decided to try it too ... from his sitting crawl position, of course :) Also, he's at that age where he thinks he is hiding just by covering his eyes ... it cracks me up!
Voila ... here is the hat that better stay on now! Oh, and I should try to get a picture of Baby kicking the soccer ball ...

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Janna said...

I love hats on babies!

Thanks for visiting my blog and yes it's actually a styrofoam plate. I need to edit that!