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Friday, June 11, 2010

a little egg-laying

Today's excitement was viewing a snapping turtle laying a whole slew of eggs. They sure do lay a LOT of eggs! Several eggs were already in her hole when we arrived on the scene ... and then we witnessed Mrs. Turtle plop out egg after egg after egg after egg. Lots of eggs! Can I say anymore about the eggs? I don't think so :)


shana said...

so cool that you got to see that. weren't you nervous she'd snap at you? those buggers can be nasty!

Dana said...

Nah ... she seemed rather oblivious of her audience. That is, if a turtle can be oblivious :)

LBB said...

That's a crazy-looking turtle with her spikey-edged shell! Interesting! So many creatures to observe this time of year, eh?

MUM said...

That was fun to see and educational, too! That turtle looks prehistoric!