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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a little vintage

In my ongoing organizing and purging of junk in our insane basement, I came across three pairs of my old shorts, vintage shorts if you will ;) They're really, really old. For example, I remember wearing the navy pair in high school ... and I recall buying the denim {Gap} pair the spring of my freshman year in college (age 18 1/2) ... and the khaki {Gap} pair probably the next spring. So ... if I'm 34 and 1/2 ... the shorts are really old shorts. Okay ... I did the math ... and these shorts are between 15 and 17 years old!!! Anyone else have vintage clothing hiding out in their basement {or closet}???

Generally speaking, vintage stuff is good and desirable. Vintage Gap shorts, however, are not ... good or desirable. Out of curiousity, I tried the shorts on and I felt like I was in maternity clothing! The waists on these babies ~ no pun planned ~ was close to 3 inches ABOVE my bellybutton! Seriously! Downright crazy! Now I know why all of my older shirts are sooo short and square/boxy ... versus more long and rectangular.

Sorry ... no pictures ;) Maybe later ... maybe. {The denim pair is already in the trash though.}


Nikki said...

ok...you can't write that and then NOT post a pic;-)

Dana said...

chuckle :)

LBB said...

Wow ~ your basement really is insane! ;)
But seriously, clothes were so wierdly proportioned back then!