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Thursday, June 17, 2010

a little cappuccino

See what the UPS fellow heaved onto our doorstep??? Three BIG boxes of ... imagine a drum roll please ... french vanilla cappuccino coolers!!!!! Each of these boxes is filled with many small boxes like the little red/white/blue one ... and {side note} each of these small boxes contains six packets to mix up six yummy iced coffee delights.

So why did I order sooo many cappuccino coolers??? Well ... a little over a week ago ... we stopped at the local grocery {the only one in our area that sells this product} ... and the shelf was empty. We had a few remaining at home ... so we were set for the following morning nonetheless. Then, the next evening while we were out and about ... we drove out of our way to a different one of these stores to stock up on our can't-live-without-most-favorite drink mix. We went down the coffee aisle straight to the cappuccino spot ... and lo and behold ... it was barren. Yes ... empty again. All gone. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Can you believe it?

"What are we going to do?" asked Dr. Edge with more than a little concern in his voice. "I'm never been so sad about a food item in my life," he continued. Are we pathetic or what??? You can choose the "or what" option ... thank you kindly :)

"Let's call your Mom," I suggested. "Maybe she has a stockpile." {She is a fellow addict appreciator of these fine coffee beverages. In fact, I think she's the one who started me on them.}

So ... we called Mom and she said come on over :) She shared a few boxes with us ... and then told us that the last time she bought cappuccinos she received a little slip at the checkout saying that General Foods had been bought by Maxwell House.

Back at home ... I googled cappuccino coolers and found that Amazon sells them. Yeah! So ... I ordered some a lot ... just in case there is an interruption in production or ~ perish the thought ~ they get discontinued. Actually, if they are getting discontinued ... I will order more.

So ... now for the fun part ;)
WHO can guess how many boxes I ordered? {the small red/white/blue box}

Here's the rules/guidelines ... pay close attention ;)
1. Leave your guess in the comments section.
2. The winner will be the one with the closest guess ... regardless of whether the guess is over or under the actual amount.
3. Also, for your information, there were a few air packets tossed in each box too.


Nikki said...

144...for some reason this doesn't surprise me.

Dana said...

laughed out loud :)

shana said...

estimating has never been my strong suit . . . i'll go with 81.
happy drinking!

gianna said...

150! That's my guess!

LBB said...

Oh my! 78 boxes?

MUM said...

dO YOU HAVE A PRIZE FOR THE ONE WHO GUESSES THE CLOSEST? I am going to guess 132 boxes. (I can't remember if anyone guessed that yet or not???)