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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a little grown-up ~ plus a Buddy story!

I'm not exactly sure what's been going on in Foofie's head recently ... but she sure has been saying some funny things. Lately, she seems to think she is "big kid" material ... on equal footing with her older siblings. More and more I see her trying to keep up with them ... unless, of course, she doesn't want to. For example, she decided she wanted to swim ... really swim ... while we were down in Florida. So ... she flung her float vest over to the side of the pool and starting swimming! A dog crawl of sorts ... but suspended in the water and moving about nonetheless. Then yesterday ... since Foofie is reading quite well now ... Foofie started working on her verse for Awana Cubbies ~ plus the four weeks of verses that she missed ~ all by herself! {Just like she's seen Halo and Buddy do.} Perhaps getting to drive down to Florida with Daddy, Halo, and Buddy ... while Mommy and Baby flew ... encouraged her new grown-up-ness a bit more.

Unfortunately ... yesterday morning ... Buddy was antagonizing Foofie. {I know ... it's probably hard to imagine. Foofie, by the way, is easily riled up by him.} "Buddy is blah, blah, blah {I can't recall what she said he was doing...} and I'm not happy about it and I'm VERY NOT IMPRESSED!" {"very not impressed" is her favorite phrase these days ...}

Then ... as we were plowing through our mound of February mail this afternoon ... Foofie was quite excited to receive an envelope addressed to her! It was an invitation to a party! Hooray! When I looked at it more carefully, however, I saw that the party had already happened. Bummer! So ... when Daddy got home ...Foofie told him about it. "I got invited to a party but it's already done. So it was very not interesting!"

This evening, as we were driving to Chipotle for supper ... Buddy said, "I want us to get a pool that's deeper than one foot." "Well ... that would very embarrassing if we got eaten up by a shark or a whale," Foofie said in all seriousness. {Daddy and I struggled to control our laughter so we could hear what else she was going to say.}
"I said a pool ... not an ocean," Buddy replied. "You can't build an ocean."
Not one to back down ... "Yes, you can," Foofie disagreed.

Finally ~ and this last anecdote is about Buddy ~ as we were still driving to Chipotle ... Buddy was saying that he was sooo excited to see a particular friend at Sparks the next night. Not a minute later ... Daddy glanced over at the minivan next to us and said, "Hey! Is that Sharon?" It was! {She is the mother of the friend Buddy was looking forward to seeing! And Buddy's friend? He was in the car too!} What happened next ~ in our vehicle and in theirs too, I think ~ was a gaggle of laughing, waving, and rejoicing! As our vans went separate ways ... and Buddy was still reveling in the excitement of viewing his friend on highway 61 ... Buddy declared, "HE'S GOT SOME WAVE!!!"


Suzanne said...

You have the most entertaining kids ever!...tell the soloists that they did a terrific job this morning. I enjoyed listening to them!

LBB said...

Those are some cute/funny little stories! :)