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Friday, March 19, 2010

a little tourist trap

Last ... and yes, perhaps least ... Key West. On Tuesday the 16th, we took a little day trip and drove the ninety-some miles through the Keys down to Key West. There are over 400 keys and about 30 of them are inhabited. The drive itself was scenic and beautiful ... we went over many bridges, including the Seven Mile Bridge. There were lots of homes for sale and we dreamed ~ very briefly ~ of owning a cute little cottage by the sea.

Key West itself, however, was a dud. It was extremely CROWDED when we were there due to a LARGE cruise ship that was docked for the day. Upon arriving, we nearly considered heading back to Key Largo because it seemed like we weren't going to find a legal parking spot. Eventually, we drove a ways from the heart of the hubbub and parked on a residential street. It was interesting to view some of the houses there ... small and crammed together ... without garages or driveways ... and a bike or two often resting on the front stoop. After we parked and walked a short distance, we noticed signs stating that a permit was required for parking. So ... as a couple was just exiting their tiny home, I asked them if we were okay being parked where we were. They said we'd be fine ... so I took their word for it ...

Our first order of business was lunch ... which is a story in itself ... but I think I'll skip over that because I just feel like it. Anyway, then we strolled around here and there ... wading through the masses ... hoping not to lose each other in the crowds ... and trying to distract our older children from the blatant debauchery. We went to check out an aquarium and while Jeff was looking at the prices ... I was chatting with a nearby shopkeeper gal. She told me it was a rip-off and not great ... so we decided not to visit the aquarium. Wouldn't you? We looked at some kiosks with junk ... your name engraved on a shell for $8 ... costly purses and sunglasses ... sponges ... not sure what my husband is doing with them here ... scrubbing his ears perhaps???

As you probably already know, Key West is the southernmost point in the United States ... so there's all this southernmost stuff. The southernmost house, the southernmost cafe, the southernmost dock, the southernmost landmark, the southernmost hotel ... oh and the southernmost southernmost house. You get the idea. So ... there is this landmark where everyone gets their picture taken ... but the waiting line for photos was rather long and our patience was ... rather short. So ... I quickly snuck a picture of the landmark while one group was just finishing and walking away ... and another group was about to get into position. Unfortunately, a lady was already in front of the "s". But here it is ... ta da ;)

Then, I had the three older kids line up on the other side for a photo ... for posterity or something ... because I doubt we'll ever be going back again.

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LBB said...

Hmmm...interesting! At least you have the photos to prove you were there! :) Glad to know I'm not missing out on anything!