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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a little beaching

... and what else did we there???
A picnic at the beach by our condo ...
Followed by playing in the water ...
This was a different day at the same beach ... catching crabs ... and finding some unique purplish shells ...The following pictures are from the Harry Harris beach ... This was our first day of vacation and we walked over to check it out. {Buddy and Foofie scootered.} It was almost exactly one mile from our parking lot. There is a large swimming area and beach that is sectioned off with a semi-circle of coral ... pretty neat! And there is a pathway all around the coral wall ... see?On Buddy's birthday, we came back to Harry Harris to hang out at the beach ... which also happened to be one of our hottest days in Key Largo.
Buddy loves to snorkel :) He used to ~ years ago, that is ~ call it shnerkel.We gathered shells for a bit ... until the kids decided catching crabs was more exciting ...Foofie was ready for bed ... but she woke up to eat supper so she wouldn't miss out on cake and ice cream!
Happy Birthday, Buddy!!! It was a good day :)


MUM said...

So fun to see all the photos of your wonderful family vacation. Looks like you did a lot of fun stuff! The kids all look so happy, as do mom and dad, too!

LBB said...

I enjoyed seeing all the photos of what you guys did! What a cute family!!! Looks like you had a great time! :)