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Sunday, February 28, 2010

a little vacation

Hello :) I'm back from a lovely time in Tavernier {Key Largo}!!! Rested, relaxed, refreshed ... ready for SPRING!!! Where do I begin??? How does one blog about a three week vacation? Perhaps one doesn't ... but I'll try ;) There are dozens of things on my mind ... so I'll have to hone in on a few. Let me start by saying that overall ... the trip was a success! When you go on vacation you might have some hopes or expectations ... sunshine, rest, good food, sunburn, a new tee-shirt, whatever. Our hope??? It was simply for TIME together as a family ... good old "family bonding" removed from many of the stresses of everyday life ... making memories together. Life can quickly get sooo busy that we don't make any time for fun and playing with each other. It seems like there's always something that needs to be done ... and we often find that the only time we make for "fun" is when we have plans with other people.

So ... I'm sooo THANKFUL that we were able to do all of this together: tennis ... hikes ... swimming ... leisurely breakfasts {with sunshine on my back} ... relaxed suppers ... game playing ... laughing ... driving down to Key West {and viewing the "southernmost point"} ... celebrating Buddy's eighth birthday ... going to the beach ... watching some of the Olympics ... baking cookies ... even some sleeping in :) I took hundreds of pictures and I'm excited to sort through them and share some snapshots in upcoming posts.

Also ... for those who would like to know ... my post-vacation resolution is an earlier bedtime. Translation ... way less time on the computer. I think I can handle it ;) I'm off to a good start! I just survived three weeks without internet ~ other than checking email once ~ and it was really, really good! Isn't it crazy how much we depend on computers now? I rarely, maybe never, needed to use a computer ten years ago ... and now it's difficult to be without one for ten days. Anyway, more sleep and less getting sucked into the computer ... that's the plan :) Pray for me!


MUM said...

We're glad that you are back and happy for you that you had fun playing with your husband and children! Looking forward to some of your photos!

Suzanne said...

Sounds delightful! Can't wait for the pictures. I'll be checking back soon!

LBB said...

Glad to hear you had such a nice time. Can't wait to see some more photos from your trip! But so far it looks like you're doing a very good job of not getting sucked back into the computer-life! ;)