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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a little list

About three weeks ago, I made this little list of things about Little Buddy ... things I might forget if I don't record them.

1) He often investigates things with his pointer finger first.

2) He likes twisting his tongue sideways. He can nearly turn it over!

3) His most frequently used crawl technique is quite unique ... his left leg is tucked up by his body and he uses his right leg to push along. Look carefully and you'll see! I think it's cute :)

4. He has what we've been calling a "hungry laugh" ... a distinct ha ha ha he'll utter when he wants to eat. If his needs are not met promptly, then he will probably start crying out like he's dying of starvation.


gianna said...

one of my kids crawled like that. Maybe Dane? It's so funny! And LB is adorable!

MUM said...

Cute videos of Little Buddy!!! He's growing so fast,...can't believe he'll soon be 1 year old! That's a cute picture of him with his tongue twister.

LBB said...

Those are sweet and funny little things about LB!