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Saturday, October 29, 2011

a little savings


Here's a new little online thing I just recently learned about. If you are going to buy something online ... first check the "shop at home" site and see if they have a "coupon" for that store. Most of the coupons are 3% "cash back". If they have a coupon for your desired store, all you need to do is click on it ... and it will direct you right to that online store. By going to the store THROUGH THE SHOP AT HOME site ... it will generate a trackback number. Then, if you purchase something (and do not return it) ... the store will credit shop at home -- and shop at home will credit your "account" with the 3%. Every time you have earned at least $20 ... they will send you a check! How's that for easy savings???

I was just checking to see what stores they have connections with -- and it turns out that they have "coupons" for most everything I already do online. They have coupons for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Gap, Target, and Walmart. {I noticed Wal-mart only offers 2%.} L.L. Bean and Sierra Trading Post -- pretty much any store you can think of. Today they have a K-Mart hot deal offering a 10% cash back coupon ... and 6% at Home Depot. I cannot understand HOW K-Mart stays in business though ... whenever we drive by it {on the way to Sam's Club} their parking lot is always empty! Some of their offers have free shipping coupons ... Toys 'R' Us and many others.

So ... if you're interested ... please find SHOPatHOME through my special link below and BOTH of us -- YOU and I -- will get a $5 credit if you set up an account and make a purchase through SHOPatHOME within 60 days. Happy savings :)


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shana said...

I use ebates.com which sounds pretty much the same, but was always bummed they didn't partner with amazon. Now that problem is solved. Thanks, Dana!