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Friday, October 28, 2011

a little fair

A couple of months ago ... we went to THE FAIR ... the state fair. We aren't regulars. It's fine if we go and it's fine if we don't. Personally, I would rather spend the money at a waterpark or out to eat at a favorite place -- in fact, you could probably do both considering how expensive the fair is. But since we did do the fair this year ... we opted to enjoy ourselves and be happy about it :)

The highlight for Little Bumper might have been the bus ride to and from the fair ...
"Look-eee dat, My-Mommy!"
After a bunch of fried stuff -- which didn't photograph well -- we headed off to the barns.

Hi Foofie :)
Its' fleece was white as snow ...
Riding on Daddy's shoulders is one of the benefits of being two :)
Isn't this a fun looking pig???
That pig has the right idea. Time for a little zzzzz ...
Okay, I'm back in action!
Of course we had ice cream! About every third blog post seems to have pictures of my kids with ice cream! Perhaps we eat too much ice cream???
This is his ice cream face ...
There wasn't much need for the umbrella ... but Buddy found opportunity to use it anyway. Did you know this kid is overly fond of umbrellas???
And then we checked out the horses -- and this young lady is overly fond of horses :)
One of the horses quickly started towards the kiddos ... and their heads are pretty large you know. Buddy was genuinely scared -- at least that's what it looks like. And Little Dude??? He appears to be more excited than afraid.
And we got some pig crowns. Oh, the things people will wear at the fair :)
Halo took a picture to document that I was indeed along :)
Little Fellow is excited to get back on the bus! Daddy is too :)
Oh, summertime ... we miss you already!


Anonymous said...

The FAIR was so fun!! Yippe-Skippy!!

LBB said...

Looks like it was some good family fun! BTW, that is one crazy looking pig!

Dana said...

that was fun