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Saturday, March 5, 2011

a little RRR -- II

Welcome to the second installment of Recent Random Reports ...

I. I was just finally looking at pictures from Christmastime and it turns out that our family Christmas pictures were not so good. But my parents' picture was good :)II. Do you happen to have a Northwestern Bookstores plastic gift card? I have two -- and there isn't a store close by us -- so I haven't been there for a couple/few years. I was thinking of going there recently, however, and was checking online the other day to see if they had some certain books ... and it turns out they've been bought out. I called to see if they would still accept the gift cards ... and was informed that they won't. They supposedly have no way of verifying the balance. Hmmm. Bummer I guess. If you have a paper gift card -- those are newer {a year old or so} -- they might accept it ... I think she said you need a receipt for it though.

III. Halo lost her purse -- so her library card was also missing. She bought a replacement card for two dollars. While we were at the library, Buddy decided to photocopy his library card in case he ever lost his -- since a dime is much cheaper than two dollars :) Then, he tried his paper copy at the checkout scanner and it worked.

IV. Little Buddy's vocabulary has exploded over the past couple of months ... and it's so fun! One night he said "I luh boo" to me -- I love you :) So precious!

V. I don't often have a book to recommend ... but I do today :) A super good book I read recently that most everyone would probably like ... Gods and Kings by Lynn Austen. Excellent storytelling.

VI. I survived helping Buddy write his very first research paper. The subject was Davy Crockett. I'm thinking we'll do a family research paper this summer for extra practice -- Halo, Buddy, and I. Don't mention it to them just yet ;)

VII. A few other forgotten pictures from last fall ...
VIII. Our pal at Chipotle -- the restauranteur, per his business card -- gave Halo and Buddy a tour of the kitchen and whatnot recently. {Those pix are on the phone ... and not so good.} Foofie was a little shy about his offer ... so she stayed behind. He also gave us the inside scoop -- sister and bro-in-law who live up north -- that they're opening up a Chipotle in your neck of the woods this summer :)

IX. I switched over from Google to Bing.


shana said...

in my entire lifetime, your parents have not changed one tiny bit.
i really liked gods and kings too. i have the whole series.
bummer about the gift cards.
happy march!
see you at the shower (if you talk to my mom you can convey my positive rsvp -- probably including a baby too -- otherwise i'll really try to remember to call her myself. i think my mom is coming too, but i can't say with 100% certainty!)
that's all!

LBB said...

Happy March! Thanks for passing along the Chipotle news...that's about the best news I've heard all weekend!!! I'm about halfway through "God & Kings" right now and really enjoying it! Thanks for the recommendation! And that Buddy is one smart guy to photocopy his lib card. :)