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Monday, March 14, 2011

a little office chair

This is in honor of -- "use it up. wear it out. make it do. or do without." -- one of the few things I can still recall from a church we previously attended.

A few weeks ago, Husband mentioned that he needed a new office chair because the armrests were starting to break down -- entropy in action. There was a large divit -- about the size of a man's thumb -- on one armrest. Both sides were splitting some ... and little pieces of black plastic were rubbing off daily. I told Husband that I'd fix it and he laughed -- almost scoffed actually. How was I planning to remedy it??? And when would I even make time to do it??? His response, however, made me want to repair it all the more ...

Anyway, last Wednesday afternoon, Husband happened to be out and about ... and Foofie and I ended up working on his chair. It was a rather spontaneous undertaking -- and just because it seemed like fun at the time. I was curious to see if we could salvage it to Husband's liking. What did we use??? One of my favorite things -- good, old-fashioned, multi-purpose duct tape! We even used piece after little piece and attempted to build out the spot where the divit was. Foofie really enjoyed helping with this project! You know how she loves tape :)

As it turned out, that same evening, when we were driving home from Awana -- and Husband didn't yet know about his duct-taped chair -- Husband told me he had looked at some office chairs while we were at church. "Oh, what timing!" I responded ... "Well, first you need to look at your chair at home again. Foof and I fixed it up today." Unfortunately, I didn't take a before photo ... I never guessed I'd be blogging about this :)
Granted, it's not the most handsome chair -- but Husband was satisfied, if not impressed :) Plus, it has character now ;)

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MUM said...

Looks good! You've got a great little helper in Foofie! Sure hope that little sweetie is feeling better today!