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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a little snow treat

It's officially spring ... but today was definitely winter-like ... and tomorrow the forecast is currently predicting "30 and snow". I'm sooo longing for a warm and sunny day ... a short sleeves and flip flops day -- I'd consider hibernating until such a day if only it were an option ;) The upside, I guess, is that it's March and not November ... so flip flops won't be too far off :)

Nonetheless, in honor of the snow that is soon to be falling in my yard -- and probably yours too -- I thought I'd share a snowy recipe with you. It's a little bit funny because I got it the idea from a friend who grew up eating this in the South :) She calls it "snow cream" ... but it reminds me of a slushie ... more drink-like than ice-cream-like. You could eat from a bowl ... we drank it from glasses ... either way works :)

Mix together quickly ... one time I used a blender for a couple seconds and another time I just stirred with a spoon ...

4 cups of freshly fallen snow
1 cup of milk (I would recommend 2%)
7 tablespoons of sugar (1/2 c. minus 1 T. ... or you could use the entire 1/2 c.)
a splash of vanilla (about a teaspoon)

Enjoy immediately!

1 comment:

LBB said...

Mmmm...interesting. Never heard of snow cream. We were supposed to get hit with a bunch of snow but thankfully not very much materialized! Just a whole lot of wind instead!!! Happy Spring! :)