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Monday, February 28, 2011

a little February fullness

February was, of course, a short month ... but it turned out to be a very full month for us -- even without a vacation.

Little Buddy was sick with fevers/flu many days this month and I was slow and limping around many days due to plantar fasciitis. I guess the timing worked out good ... I was able give Little Buddy the holding he needed and rest my foot at the same time.

On the upside ... we went bowling this month -- twice actually -- and we (Jeff and I) hadn't bowled in at least twelve years! (I think the other bowling pix are on Jeff's phone ... ) Jeff took the kids on a field trip to the "physics circus" or something like that. We also had a phy. ed. afternoon at a community center pool with friends from "school".

There were a few parties in February as well. A couple of birthday parties. Halo went to a sledding and frosting-cookies party. I went to a bunco party -- my first. And finally, Buddy had a birthday this month as well :)

P.S. The ice cream photos are from the Mongolian BBQ restaurant -- one of the kids' favorite places simply because there is a self-serve ice cream machine :) I like it for the stir fry ... and the ice cream!

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