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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a little 5.66

Here is some Foofie stuff at age 5 and two-thirds.

She almost always cuddles a doll in bed ...
or two ...
Foofie made a facebook page ...
Foofie is currently into "scribing". It began with copying Bible verses over and over and over ... and over and over ... and then she started scribing storybooks as well. She often leaves papers such as this in her trail ...

{She cut up the Bible verses before I got a photo of them ... and stuffed them in various cards and envelopes for some lucky recipients.}
She likes to sew little paper books. She always puts a heart on the cover and titles it "JOURNAL BOOK".
She makes lots of birthday cards ... whether it's even close to your birthday or not makes no difference to Foofie :) Oh ... and she often puts a bar code on her stuff ... see the back of the small card???
And here she is ... growing up much too fast, of course!
I love you, Foofie! Love, Mommy


shana said...

Jacob once categorized all the children's books in our house and put bar codes on them like at the library. I still find a random book with a "library barcode" still one it from time to time.
So fun!

MUM said...

I am the fortunate recipient of a Foofie "Journal Book"! I love it! She sure is a good writer/printer! And prolific, too!