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Monday, February 14, 2011

a little valentining

I thought one of the reasons I signed up to homeschool was so that we could get out of making Valentines and all that goes with it ;) Oh, and prom too ... Valentines and prom. But alas, we are in two homeschool groups this year and so we need ... Valentines. 99 to be exact. We used several store-bought ones ... Hello Kitty and Spiderman ... and then Foofie and I made some homemade ones today. We made 26 hearts like this -- for Halo, who was working on a research paper ...
to glue onto white cardstock like this ... Little Sweetheart helped by smudging the glitter around and snatching the scissors at every opportunity :)
Foofie made 32 sweet little "hello" cards ... and then she taped a pencil on each one :)
Also ... I spent many hours sitting and cuddling Little Sweetheart over the past week. He had lots of fevers ... much listlessness ... and required lots and lots of holding -- even while asleep. So ... while he napped in my arms ... I began cutting out tiny hearts and birdies -- since Valentines Day was on the horizon. I realized I like hearts more than I thought I did ... and the color red -- well, it turns out I like red more than I thought as well :) Then, I made this little love tree. I might decoupage it on a pencil jar or something ... for whatever ...
Happy Valentine's Day :)


LBB said...

Ohhh that's all so very cute! Your heart tree, Foofie's "hello" cards... :) I love how valentine's day really has no pressure associated with it like the entire Christmas season...it's just one fun sweet day! Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. I sure hope the little one is getting better!

shana said...

super cute tree! it really does need to go somewhere! hope the little guy is feeling better soon. we had about 3 weeks of yuck around here (mostly anna), but it seems to be behind us now. praise God!
take care!

Dana said...

Thanks LBB & Shana :)

MUM said...

Those colorful hearts with the flowers are really cute!!! Foofie made 32 "hello" cards??? That's alot of cards for a little five year old to make. Tell her grandma said that she did a good job! Very cute little heart tree, too,...good job mommy!