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Thursday, February 10, 2011

a little medical mystery

Today, I am thankful to be able to stand ... and walk. Late last night I could do neither.

I was down in the construction-zone basement getting a couple of things and was about to go up two sets of stairs to take a shower before bed. {I always have to shower before bed -- I just do.} Anyway, I have no idea what happened ... but seemingly out of the blue ... I got this TERRIBLE ankle pain ... and was reduced to crawling on the dirty floor. It was as though my ankle stopped functioning and the pain was enormous ... the only greater pain I can recall ever experiencing was labor.

So ... my husband had to lug me to the shower ... shower me up ... and haul me into bed. I was about as helpless as I've ever been. I attempted to brush my teeth -- dry -- while laying in bed. I was in way too much pain to get any clothes on. The pain was centralized in my ankle ... but it went almost to my knee and all through my foot. It was sooo bad that I was nauseated and having trouble breathing. It hurt constantly ... even when I was still.

Husband gave me four ibuprofen and then asked me lots of questions ... Is it hot? Yes. Is it like shooting pain? No. That rules out a bone spur. Your ankle hurts when I'm touching your leg? Yes. Maybe it's a vericose vein thing??? I don't know. So anyway ... it hurt really bad ... insanely bad.

Husband then googled "spontaneous ankle pain" ... and said maybe it's rheumatoid arthritis??? Or maybe ... he guessed ... you have a degenerative ankle ... you know, how your aunt has a degenerative shoulder. Could a muscle spasm cause this magnitude of pain??? I really don't know.

All we could do next was pray. So we did. I pleaded with God for healing. It took forever for me to get somewhat comfortable ... for my shaking to subside ... and for sleep to claim me. And as I lay there ... praying and pondering ... I was thinking about prayer. We don't really know how it works -- but we're told to pray nonetheless. God could have just instantly healed me last night ... or He could heal me over time ... or not at all. What would God do??? Why wouldn't God heal me immediately??? And then I thought, if He heals me I will boast about it ... about Him. And then my next thought was ... and if He chooses not to ... I still have to boast in Him. And that's the challenge ... the praising God and saying "God is good" when things don't seem so good from our perspective.

Perhaps this sounds a little serious for "spontaneous ankle pain" ... I know it wasn't life or death ... but it was horrific ... and seriously painful beyond description -- very writhe-worthy. Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I was at about 85%. It was tender ... and a little painful ... but I could stand on it and move around!!! So ... allow me to boast in Him ... PRAISE the LORD! Thank you God that I could stand and walk and move around today. Sitting is fine here and there ... but being able to move around is much more desirable. I sure hope I never have to go through that again ... Husband probably feels the same :)

Now then ... does anyone know what I had {what I have}??? And what should I do??? Just take it easy??? Husband joked, "Bet you'll get a lot of great advice!"

P.S. I'm not going to the doctor -- not yet anyway ;)


Houseofmills said...

Glad your ok...that sounds scary!

Bren said...

You should get used to pain as we are getting old as your hubby said. I have no idea what went wrong just glad you are better!

Dana said...

Thanks for commiserating, gals :)

Dana said...

Good post!
From Buddy

LBB said...

Oh my! That sounds pretty awful! I'm glad you're feeling better though...hopefully you're at 100% by now! But if not, my advice is to go to the doctor - pronto!!!