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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a little strawberry snack

Today was beautiful!!! Lovely!!! 52 maybe??? The kids were having a spontaneous vacation day because I am so behind on everything and because it was nice enough to play outside. I ended up going outside too ... and somehow got sucked into our never-ending garage disaster. Where did all of this "stuff" come from??? Well, enough about that -- it's not blogworthy.

Anyway, as the kids were tooling about on the dry and clear driveway and I was in the garage ... the FedEx truck pulled up. The FedEx man delivered a box which said, "refridgerate immediately". Now, this is blogworthy ;) So ... we opened immediately opened the package ... and discovered some fancy strawberries from my in-laws :) Yum! Then, we decided to have snack-time immediately :) Foofie wasted no time in pointing out which berry she wanted ...
Eating strawberries outside in February is fabulous! Seems like spring is on the way again!


MUM said...

Those dipped strawberries look sooooo good! What a wonderful surprise! What thoughtful in-laws!

LBB said...

Wasn't yesterday so nice?! It was 51 degrees even up here! And oh wow do those berries look good!