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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a little towel

Many Wednesday nights we dine at Panera and then make a mad dash to church. Last Wednesday was no exception. I was washing my hands in the bathroom there ... and when I was finished pumping my paper towel, I pumped out another section for a lady who was still at the sink. "Thanks," she said. "You don't want to touch anything these days, ya know?"

I returned to the table and relayed this exchange to my waiting family.
"Were there public restrooms when you were a kid?" Halo asked.

P.S. Sorry to break this to you ... but the buttons on the hand dryers (or the levers on the towel dispensers) in public bathrooms are really not clean ... not at all. I used to think they were okay until I noticed lots of gals turn them on with their elbows. Once, I even saw a tween use her foot (which would be her shoe) to start the dryer. This was after she had asked her mother to turn it on and the mother refused ... because ... she was afraid to?

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