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Friday, November 20, 2009

a little decorating

One of Foofie's favorite things to do is to tape little stuff all over the place ... or (as pictured here) ... stick post-it notes around. Some days it just feels like more CLUTTER ... but she is good about not putting tape on furniture ... so I try to enjoy her creativity. Also, she doesn't seem bothered by my continually taking it all down. It gives her reason to make more, I guess :) Sometimes she makes words or numbers ... other times pictures. Here is a SMALL sample ...

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MUM said...

That is so sweet! At least she is using paper and not writing directly on the door, stairway post or her shirt! I remember when your brother was little, he would arrange, line-up all of his toys and I didn't like it much. Now all these years later, I think, what was the harm in him doing that? He was demonstrating his idea of order and arrangement at his young age. I should have encouraged him more!