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Friday, November 13, 2009

a little bubblehead

I got another winning haircut! It's nearly the worst one I've ever had ... at Aveda no less ... would you believe it??? I look like someone else ... I'm not sure who ... but I don't look like myself. I think chopping off 2 or 3 more inches might solve the oddness of it ... but it would be much shorter than I want. I had told the twenty-something very hep (or "hip" if you prefer) stylist that I needed to be able to wear it tied back for those mornings when I get peed on or some other unforeseen issue arises. I told her I'm not cool ... I'm a mother ... so I don't want anything too dramatic.

After telling her what I was hoping for ... she said, "Okay. Yes ... it will be a real classic look." What is that anyway? Then, when she was finished snipping and was well into the styling of my hair, she commented ... "We don't want you looking like a bubblehead." Or a lamp or a mushroom ... I thought. Not too classic!!! So ... she tweaked it a tiny bit more with the scissors ... but not much!

Anyway, I'm disliking it more and MoRe and MORE as the day goes on ... and just wanted to "vent"! So ... I'm venting! (By the way ... I don't really like the words vent and venting.) Just so you know ... I probably will not show you what it really looks like if you ask :) Also, I'm going to try to scrape it back into an itty bitty bun for the next four months or else wear a bandana! Scrape ... because it BARELY works now ... lots of hunks (or honks as I've also called them) insist on falling out. My ever-witty husband said I was onto something ... that Honks Hair might be a good name for a beauty salon (a barber shop is more like it). And yes ... my kids all think its weird! But it's only hair ... such a minor, trivial thing ... and thankfully, it grows! Toodle-loo :)


Nikki said...

Not what you wanted huh!?! I do have my fake hair piece you could try to cover the itty bitty bun with (if the color matches) But like you said good thing its just hair:)

Suzanne said...

Sorryyyyy. I hate when that happens. Take prenatal vitamins so it will grow fast!

LBB said...

I'm sure you still look real cute... :)