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Saturday, November 5, 2016

blue jacket for sale

I think this was 6 days ago (or maybe 13?).  G and I dropped Foof and Ez at Awana and then we were going to run a couple of errands.  It was pretty chilly but G wasn't dressed for it.  He has been protesting wearing pants all fall ... he is slightly open to wearing pants if his camo pants are clean ... otherwise no way.  We've had lots of issues trying to overcome his pickiness.  I got him this darling outfit at Costco ... it has a vintage look to it and it has a big bear head on the shirt ... but the sweatpants are tight at the bottom.  I made him wear them this outfit and it was painful for all of us.  Anyway ...

It was chilly and he was in shorts and a tee short ... and lucky us ... I found a jacket stashed under one of the seats in the van ... and it was even one of G's jackets!

Me:  Hey, look!  Here's your blue jacket ... now you don't have to be so cold walking across the parking lot.
G: I won't wear it.  It's we-ud!!!  (weird)
Me: No, it isn't.  Why do you think it's weird?
G: It has bullet pockets.
Me: Well, I would think you would like bullet pockets.  You could put your bullets in them ...  Where are these bullet pockets anyway?
G: Inside, I think.
I couldn't find any inside pockets ... and only two regular pockets on the outside.
Me: I know you don't like the bullet pockets ... but some people get upset when they see little kids without warm clothes on when it's cold outside. So let's just put it on anyway ...
G: I'm not wearing it.  I'm SELLING it.  Seven dollars.  Sixteen dollars.  Nineteen dollars.
I laughed ...
G: Actually it's FREE.
I laughed again ...
G: It is, Mama.  It is!  It's FREE and it's not mine.
He won ...

Then ... a few days later while we were in the van, G spilled on himself and that's always upsetting to him.
I jumped in the back and looked for something to dry him with and all I could find was the blue jacket.

Me: Here ... we'll just dry you off with this jacket you're selling ...
G laughed :)

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