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Friday, June 29, 2012

a little blouse

I had a little chuckle at my oldest today :) I was going through her clothes ... looking for stuff to purge. I picked up a flowered blouse that I thought might be getting a little smallish ... waved it at Halo ... and innocently asked, "Can we get rid of this?"

"Hey! Put that down! Put it back!" Halo erupted ... "That's my ... that's my BABYSITTING BLOUSE!!!  I almost always wear it when I go babysitting ... and I'm going to wear it TONIGHT!" 

A few hours later ... all set for babysitting in THE BLOUSE -- with her trusty "babysitting bag" slung over her shoulder :)


MUM said...

Halo looks so cute in the blue flowered blouse! What were you thinking, mom????

LBB said...

Oh I love it! Cute story! She looks like such a well put together babysitter! Can I hire her for awhile? ;)

Dana said...

Apparently I wasn't, Mom :) She takes her babysitting very seriously ... she likes to dress up and she usually makes a schedule :)

LBB ~ If we only lived a little closer ...