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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a little album: cabin 2012 part II

Hello all you readers:) Its Halo again!! For those of you who don't know who I am, I am Dana's oldest daughter, and the publisher of another blog: The Theory Of Evolution.
I am here to present to you cabin 2012 part II -- this is because I was the only one with a camera, lucky me :) These pix are with my new camera...so here goes :)

Buddy on the ride trying out a new hat style :)

The berry washer accompanied by the berry sneaker :)

The berry cute Ezzie :)

The lake before breakfast...

The breakfast party at The Birchwood Cafe :)
My Mom & Ezzie ... He's not lookin' at me, but at the pancakes. Who knew a stack of pancakes was more interesting than me ... sniff, sniff ;)

These next pix are of a cute little clothes/toys/snack food/etc. store in town :)

Do you see all the glass fish tank/cage thingys to the left of the picture? Those are tiny African frogs of some sort ...

Can you guess how much these two little frogs were? Drum-roll please :) dun-dun-dun-dun...$29.99!!! Though they were cute they were a LITTLE too expensive :)

Here is Foof lounging in one of their fluffy lawn chair type chairs [did I tell ya? they sell furniture too.]

A little nest beside the dirt road that leads to our cabin ...

Buddy and I had a rather interesting adventure in the freezing lake with Grandpa trying to fix the boat lift. It was hilarious!!! By the time we were done we all had chattering teeth :)

A fun tubing adventure :)

This one is of me, Buddy, and Ezzie! Ezzie loved tubing!!! He was super excited that he was a "big boy"*! *Please note that "big boy" was Ezzie's wording ... not mine :)

I made "cowboy cookies" ...
Buddy fired a few shots {I did too but I had the camera so no one got a picture of me ;( }
We had a super fun time!

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MUM said...

Halo! Great report on the trip to the cabin! I love all your little comments for each photo!